Blind Guardian

COUNTRY: Germany

GENRE: Power Metal


Battalions of Fear1988No Remorse Records
Live Promo [Demo]1989Independent
Follow the Blind1990No Remorse Records
Demo 1990 [Demo]1990Independent
Tales from the Twilight World1990No Remorse Records
Demo IV [Demo] 1991Independent
Somewhere Far Beyond1992Virgin Records
Tokyo Tales [Live]1993Virgin Records
A Past and Future Secret EP1995Virgin Records
Imaginations from the Other Side1995Virgin Records
Guardians of the Rings EP1998Virgin Records
Nightfall in Middle-Earth1998Virgin Records
A Night at the Opera2002Virgin Records
Live2003Century Media Records
A Twist In The Myth2006Nuclear Blast
The Sacred Worlds and Songs Divine Tour 2010 [Live]2010Nuclear Blast
At the Edge of Time2010Nuclear Blast
Beyond the Red Mirror2015Nuclear Blast
Live Beyond the Spheres [Live] 2017Nuclear Blast
The Tides of War – Live at Rock Hard Festival 2016 EP2018Rock Hard
Twilight Orchestra: Legacy of the Dark Lands2019Nuclear Blast
Imaginations from the Other Side Live [Live]2020Nuclear Blast


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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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