[Review] Grumblewood – Stories of Strangers

Grumblewood is a Progressive Folk band from New Zeland formed in 2016, whose sounds are strongly inspired by the 70s. This quartet released their debut…

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[Review] Ataräxia – Ataräxia

Ataräxia is a Spanish Progressive Rock band active between 2006 and 2011, before returning to the scene in 2018. During their first period of activity…

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[Review] Vincenzo Ricca’s The Rome Pro(g)ject – IV Beaten Paths Different Ways

The Rome Pro(g)ject is the project conceived and developed by Vincenzo Ricca, Italian composer and keyboardist born in Cosenza in 1962, through whom he proposes…

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[Review] Korb – Korb

Korb is the project of the English duo Alec Wood and Jonathan Parkes that proposes a sound between the ’70s German Cosmic music and Space…

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[Review] TDW – The Days The Clock Stopped

TDW is a project born in the early 2000s from the mind of multi-instrumentalist and singer Tom De Wit, whose name comes from his initials…

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[Review] Octavision – Coexist

Octavision is a project of the guitarist and composer Hovak Alaverdyan formed in 2016 with the collaboration of top level artists from all over the…

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[Review] Looking Glass Lantern – A World of Great Invention

Looking Glass Lantern is the solo musical project conceived by the English multi-instrumentalist Graham Dunnington, who has a PhD in Victorian Popular Music and a…

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[Review] Helion Prime – Question Everything

Helion Prime is a Sacramento, California based Power Metal band active since 2014, named after an alien planet featured in the film The Chronicles of Riddick….

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[Review] The Spyrals – Same Old Line

The Spyrals are a band born in San Francisco from an idea of guitarist and harmonica player Jeff Lewis in the early 2010s and recently…

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[Review] Dawnwalker – Ages

Dawnwalker is an Experimental Metal band formed in London in 2012, featuring a revolving cast of musicians but spearheaded by lead songwriter Mark Norgate. Their music…

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