[Review] Nine Skies – 5.20

Nine Skies are one of the best realities that the modern Progressive scene can offer, with their refined sound, continuing…

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[Review] Esthesis – The Awakening

Esthesis is an artist that we have already got to know through the previous EP work entitled “Raising Hands,” positively…

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[Review] Immortal Guardian – Psychosomatic

Immortal Guardian are a Progressive / Power Metal band from USA, born around 2010 and with 2 full-lemght and several…

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[Review] Strawbs – Settlement

Strawbs are one of the main bands of Prog music, with marked Folk influences, coming from the UK and in…

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[Review] Robin and The Woods – Moonfall

Robin & The Woods are a band originally from Bordeaux, France that offers a 70s inspired Progressive Rock with strong…

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[Review] Kerrs Pink – Presence Of Life

Kerrs Pink are a long-lived Progressive Rock band, formed in 1973 in Trømborg, Norway and still in business. The sounds…

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[Review] Cirkus – Page 12 (On The Right)

Cirkus are a Prog band formed in Sunderland, UK in 1973 from the ashes of Moonhead and with a long…

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[Review] Motorpsycho – Kingdom Of Oblivion

The Norwegian band Motorpsycho, which has been active since 1989 and has 25 albums to their credit, is known for…

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[Review] Rêverie – Orpheus

Rêverie is an Italian Folk Progressive band, which mixes modern music with traditional instruments of popular music. They have 4…

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[Review] Vlad Tepes – Valses Elementales

Vlad Tepes is a broad-minded Progressive Rock band, formed in 2005 with three full-lengths and one EP to their credit….

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