Cerberus Shoal

COUNTRY: United States

GENRE: Avant-Garde/Experimental


Cerberus Shoal1995Stella White
And Farewell To Hightide 1996Tree Records, Stickfigure Records
Elements Of Structure / Permanence 1997AudioInformationPhenomena
Homb 1999Temporary Residence Limited
Crash My Moon Yacht 2000North East Indie, Pandemonium Records
Garden Fly, Drip Eye2001North East Indie
The Vim And Vigour Of Alvarius B And Cerberus Shoal2002North East Indie, Stella White
Mr. Boy Dog2002Temporary Residence Limited
The Whys And Hows Of Herman Düne And Cerberus Shoal 2002North East Indie, Stella White
Chaiming The Knoblessone 2003North East Indie
The Ducks And Drakes Of Guapo And Cerberus Shoal2003North East Indie
The Life And Times Of The Magic Carpathians And Cerberus Shoal 2004North East Indie
Bastion Of Itchy Preeves 2004North East Indie
The Land We All Believe In 2005North East Indie
An Ongoing Ding2010Iscollagecollective


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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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