[Review] ELOY – The Vision, The Sword And The Pyre pt. 2

ELOY‘s long career, the band was formed in Hanover in 1969, offers another chapter of their vast discography. “The Vision, The Sword And The Pyre – Part 2” is the sequel to their previous album of 2017. Published on September 27, 2019 for the Artist Station Records on Vinyl, CD and Digital. This concept of 13 tracks, is the natural continue of the musical discourse of the first part. Theme of the album is the story of Jeanne D’Arc, fully described in the two chapters. The band leader Frank Bornemann to ensure a narrative accuracy, he availed himself of the collaboration with the Center Jeanne D’Arc of Orleans. The album begins with “An Instant of Relief … Still The War Rages On,” from the choral intro and the hypnotic rhythm, solid the bass line, guitar and Synth do the rest, in a musical crescendo with the entrance of the instruments. “Between Hope, Doubts, Fear And Uncertainty” is a short symphonic passage with a pleasurable vocal and a keyboard of keyboards to guide us towards “Patay,” where the rhythm is urgent. Here too we find a solid bass line, the Floydian guitar and the drums mark faster times, the track has a sung detachment to then pick up speed until the end, good keyboards. “Joy” is a song focused on keyboard riffs, with the guitar offering good support. “Reims … The Coronation of Charles VII” is a short choral moment that acts as a passage, with traditional instrumentation. “Résumé,” Symphonic and narrated, is a necessary interlude for the development of the story which is the theme of this double concept. With “Armistice or War?” back on a track guided by the guitar and keyboards, the song closes with a symphonic ending with only keyboards and vocals. “Paris” harmonious and focused on synth riffs, both vowel and guitar parts are always of quality. “Abandoned” starts with the piano and the voice, in the middle a rapid acceleration with an excellent change of temperature, to then close with just the guitar. “Compiègne” is a more solid song, with a powerful drum, guitar riffs and keyboards to guide an intense and decisive song. “Tormenting Imprisonment” is another short passage with keyboards and vocals only. “Rouen” has a battery with powerful rhythms, the tones are dark and the guitar and keyboards are incisive, in the end it closes down. “Eternity” is a Symphonic ending and narrated by a female voice, here the keyboards are the masters. A work divided into two parts, both in the form of concept album, very accurate narration of the story, the lyrics are thick. The group has changed skin several times over the course of its long career, traversing the various stages that Progressive music has had as a protagonist. A good job, which if heard in combination with the first part, reveals all its qualities. For all lovers of the genre, it will be a happy confirmation of the qualities that the band expresses, a job that will be appreciated by the public of Prog. Good work, not their best album, but certainly a nice ELOY style record.


01. An Instant of Relief… Still The War Rages On (6:28)
02. Between Hope, Doubts, Fear And Uncertainty (2:12)
03. Patay (5:23)
04. Joy (3:45)
05. Reims… The Coronation of Charles VII (2:29)
06. Résumé (2:44)
07. Armistice or War? (4:25)
08. Paris (3:47)
09. Abandoned (4:43)
10. Compiègne (5:10)
11. Tormenting Imprisonment (2:25)
12. Rouen (4:40)
13. Eternity (3:38)


Fank Bornemann / Vocals, Guitar
Hannes Folberth / Keyboards
Michael Gerlach / Keyboards
Klaus-Peter Matziol / Bass
Stephan Emig / Drums, Percussion

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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