COUNTRY: United Kingdom

GENRE: Kraurock


Live Birth ‎2007Self-Released
Abstehen Der Ohren 2007Self-Released
White Hills / Gnod – Aquarian Downer 2008White Hills Music
The Somnambulist’s Tale 2008Sloow Tapes
Gnod / Fonik – Supercluster ‎2008Electronic Musik
Sex, Drones & Broken Bones2009Self-Released
Noise Research vs Gnod – Galaxy Being EP2009Electronic Musik
Gnod2009Pariah Child
Gnod / White Hills – Drop Out 2009Drug Space Records
Gnod / White Hills – Gnod Drop Out With White Hills II 2010Rocket Recordings
Gnod / Robedoor – Bored Fortress2010Not Not Fun Records
Chaudelande Volume 1 2011Tamed Records
The Long And Short Of It 2011Colour Ride
Ingnodwetrust 2001Rocket Recordings
Gnod / A Middle Sex – Split ‎2011Blackest Rainbow
Three Sticks A Penny 2012Self-Released
Chaudelande Volume 2 2012Tamed Records
Gnod / Gammelfleisch – Mental Power – Phonographic Selfhypnosis 2012Gammelbeat
In Orbit ‎2012Self-Released
Lord Fear’s Dream 2012Self-Released
Gnod / Bear Bones, Lay Low – Split 2013Full of Nothing
SLT ‎2013Krokodilo Tapes
Infinity Machines2014Rocket Recordings
Gnod & John Doran – Live At Islington Mill ‎2015Tesla Tapes
Gestalt ‎2015Tesla Tapes
Mirror2016Rocket Recordings
Gnod & Anthony Child – Behind The Lids 2016Tesla Tapes
Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine2017Rocket Recordings
Live At Roadburn 2012 2017Roadburn Festival Records
Live at Concréte 2017Concrète Tapes
Temple Ov BBV = Gnod And Radar Men From The Moon – Temple Ov BBV2017Rocket Recordings
Chapel Perilous 5 versioni2018Rocket Recordings
Be Aware Of Your Limitations2018Roadburn Records
Gnod & João Pais Filipe – Faca de Fogo 2020Rocket Recordings
JK Flesh vs Gnod – JK Flesh vs Gnod EP2020The Quietus



Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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