COUNTRY: United Kingdom

GENRE: Space Rock


X In Search Of Space1971United Artists Records
Doremi Fasol Latido1972United Artists Records
Space Ritual1973United Artists Records
Hall Of The Mountain Grill1974United Artists Records
Warrior On The Edge Of Time1975United Artists Records
Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music1976Charisma
Quark, Strangeness And Charm1977Charisma
Free Festivals1980Weird Records
Hawkwind [Live], Hawklords1980Weird Records
Live Seventy Nine1980Bronze
Hawkwind 1976-771981Weird Records
Sonic Attack1981RCA, Active Records
1970-731982Weird Records
Choose Your Masques1982RCA, Active Records
Church Of Hawkwind1982RCA
Hawkwind 1966/731983Weird Records
Zones1983Flicknife Records
The Text Of Festival – Hawkwind Live 1970-72 [Live]1983Illuminated Records
Ridicule / Oi! Oi! Music!1984Obsession, Oppressed Records
Stonehenge / This Is Hawkwind, Do Not Panic1984Flicknife Records
Bring Me The Head Of Yuri Gagarin1985Demi Monde
The Chronicle Of The Black Sword1985Flicknife Records
Space Ritual Volume 21985American Phonograph
Live Chronicles [Live]1986GWR Records
Early Daze1987The Magnum Music Group
Out & Intake1987Flicknife Records
The Xenon Codex1988GWR Records
Space Bandits1990GWR Records
BBC Radio One Live In Concert [Live]1991Windsong International
Palace Springs1991GWR Records
Live In Space 1990 [Live] 1991Stampa Alternativa
California Brainstorm1992Iloki Records
Electric Tepee1992Essential
The Friday Rock Show Sessions1992Raw Fruit Records
It Is The Business Of The Future To Be Dangerous1993Essential
The Business Trip1994Emergency Broadcast System, Griffin Music
Undisclosed Files (Addendum)1995Griffin Music
Alien 41995Emergency Broadcast System
Future Reconstructions – Ritual Of The Solstice1996Emergency Broadcast System, 4 Real Communications
Love In Space1996Emergency Broadcast System
Distant Horizons1997Emergency Broadcast System
The ‘1999’ Party – Live At The Chicago Auditorium March 21 19741997EMI
In Your Area1998Griffin Music
Collector Series Vol 2: Choose Your Masques1999Hawkwind Records
Live At Glastonbury 19901999Hawkwind Records
Collector Series Vol 1 – Complete ’791999Hawkwind Records
Hawkwind 19971999Voiceprint
The Weird Tapes No 12000Hawkwind Records
Spacebrock2000Hawkwind Records
The Weird Tapes No 7 – The Demos2000Hawkwind Records
Atomhenge 762000Hawkwind Records
Thrilling Hawkwind Adventures Live 19762000Griffin Music
The Weird Tapes No 4 – Live ’782001Hawkwind Records
Yule Ritual2001Hawkwind Records
Canterbury Fayre 20012002Hawkwind Records
Live 19902002Hawkwind Records
Live In Nottingham2002Classic Rock Productions
Spaced Out In London2003Hawkwind Records
Take Me To Your Leader2003Hawkwind Records
Welcome To The Future2003Secret Records Limited
Live ’74 [Live]2006EMI
The Empire Pool Wembley 19732006At Discs
Take Me To Your Future2006Hawkwind Records
Knights Of Space2008LandMark
Space Ritual Sundown V.2 / Masters Of The Universe2008Abstract Sounds
Minneapolis 19892008Hawkwind Records
Winter Solstice 20052008Hawkwind Records
The Return Of The Legendary Space Rangers2008Fuel 2000, Varèse Sarabande
USA Tour 1989-19902008Hawkwind Records
Reading 19922009Hawkwind Records
40th Anniversary Party Commemorative CD2009Hawkwind Records
At The BBC – 19722010BBC
Blood Of The Earth2010Eastworld Recordings
Treworgey 19892010Hawkwind Records
Leave No Star Unturned2011Easy Action
Onward2012Eastworld Recordings
Spacehawks2013Eastworld Recordings
Coded Languages2015Atomhenge
Space Ritual Live [Live]2015Gonzo Media Group
The Machine Stops2016Cherry Red Records
At The Roundhouse2017Cherry Red Records
Into The Woods2017Cherry Red Records
Road To Utopia2018Cherry Red Records
All Aboard The Skylark2019Cherry Red Records
Acoustic Daze2019Cherry Red Records
Hawkwind 50 Live2019Cherry Red Records
Solstice At Stonehenge 19842021Black Widow Records


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