[Heavy Aspect #1] Symphony X

The Birth and the First Album [1994-1995]

In early 1994 Michael Romeo (Phantom’s Opera, Gemini) recorded a studio album entitled “The Dark Chapter” with keyboardist Michael Pinnella. The album had considerable success all over the world, so he decided to follow up by creating a band. Thus included in the project, the drummer James Rullo and the singer Rod Tyler. They record the first self-titled album in 1994 for the Zero Corporation label, later closed. Evidence of the qualities of the band, this is a very well-received debut by public and critics and six months later the second album was released. They released “The Damnation Game”, with singer Russell Allen replacing Rod Tyler, a successful start for Symphony X career.

Confirmation and Success [1996-1998]

A third production soon arrives, and in November 1996 “The Divine Wings Of Tragedy” comes out, the album that consecrates the Symphony X in the world Metal market. Excellent criticism in the newspapers and magazines of the sector, consecrates the band in Europe and Japan, as well as in their country, America. The following year, due to personal problems, drummer Rullo was temporarily replaced by Thomas Walling. With this temporary line up the band recorded “Twilight in Olympus,” which will be published in early 1998. It was also the year in which they made their live debut, increasing their popularity and highlighting themselves in the eyes of fans of everything the world. The first official show is held in Japan, followed by a world tour at the end of which bassist Thomas Miller leaves the band, replaced by Mike LePond, one of the most talented in the Progressive Metal scene.

The Confirmation and the Major [1999-2005]

James Rullo then resumed his job as a drummer and the band returned to the studio to record their fifth album, “V: The New Mythology Suite” published in 2000. It was the first album produced for a major, InsideOut Music, set another test talented. A concept focused on the myth of Atlantis point the album contains classics like “Communion and the Oracle”, “Egypt” and the mini-suite “Rediscovery” with classical music traits. Following the album, they are the protagonists of a tour in Europe and South America, publishing the album “Live on the Edge of Forever,” the first recorded live by the group. In 2002, they released “The Odyssey,” containing a 24-minute suite, an interpretation of Homer’s Odyssey. The live activity consecrates the band, which participates in the Gigantour, sharing the stage with bands like Megadeth, Dream Theater, Nevermore and Anthrax. From the festival, a DVD and CD are recorded and released in September 2006, with audio and video of the performances and Symphony X two songs are inserted from the performance. We are in a very favorable period for the American band, which has become one of the cornerstones of the worldwide Prog Metal, thanks to the studio work and the quality of the live shows.

The Golden-Era and Paradise Lost [2006-2010]

We are in 2006, the band is at the top of approval in the Prog Metal scene, and inspiration in the studio is poured into the productions, elaborate and technically of high level. Therefore, they began to work on another pearl of their “Paradise Lost” discography, a concept inspired by John Milton’s epic poem of the same name. Recorded in Romeo’s studios, the publication is delayed, coming out only in June 2007. An album with darker themes, and the special edition contains a DVD with videos taken during their career. The publication coincides with a world tour that sees them engaged for 14 months, across Europe alongside Dream Theater, Japan and Asia, for the first time in Russia and the Middle East. The album gets the 123 billboard position in the u.s.a., selling over 6000 copies the first week is debuting in first place in the Top Heatseeker Chart. In July 2007, they released their first music video “Serpents Kiss,” followed in January 2008 by another video “Set The World On Fire.” So, they embark on another world tour between 2008 and 2009, touching north and South America and Asia.

Iconoclast-Era [2011-2013]

In 2010, an update from the official website announces that the band has recorded most of the new album’s material, and that they are working on the lyrics. Later in January 2011, during an interview Russel Allen announced that the sequel to “Paradise Lost” would be titled “Iconoclast.” In addition, he explained that the theme revolved around “Machines taking over evythings and this technology we put our society into pretty much being our demise.” The band joins the Nuclear Blast team, which announces on its website that “Iconoclast” would be released in Europe and America in June 2011 as Standard Edition and 2-CD Digipack. They made his debut at 76 on Billboard Chart, selling 7300 copies the first week, also reaching 7th place in the Top Hard Rock Chart. The tracks of “Iconoclast” achieving great success. Jason Rullonel 2013 due to heart problems is forced to spend a week in the hospital, at the end of which he begins a 6-month rehabilitation program. In its place, John Macaluso is included to face the American and European tour, allowing Rullo to recover calmly.

From Underworld to Present [2019-Present]

The band was working on a second collection of demo tapes and rare material, for fans and collectors. In addition, to record an unpublished material, specifically for the collection, which even before the publication went to sold out. In September 2014, they announce that they are recording the drum for the new album, finishing the recordings in the spring of the following year. Mike LePond announces therefore, that the album was ready, it was only necessary to assemble the tracks, and that also the lyrics were set and that the sound would have been less Heavy than the previous ones. These are the words of the bassist: “see Wiki.” In May 2015 announce the title “Underworld” and publish the first single extract “Nevermore,” followed a month later by another single “Without You,” available in Digital Download. Subsequently, in agreement with Russell Allen, the band enters a short hiatus. The singer was at the same time busy with Adrenaline Mob, and announced that in 2018 the band would reunite and start writing the songs on the new album. A tragic event involves the Adrenaline Mob, with injuries to Allen and the death of the bass player and tour manager. Following the incident, Romeo announces that Symphony X’s intentions are to complete the album and complete the reunion, but giving Allen time to recover from the event. The band is working on a new album and has also set dates for a tour in 2020.


(1994) Dance Macabre (Demo) [Independent]
(1994) Symphony X [Zero Corporation]
(1995) The Damnation Game [Zero Corporation]
(1996) The Divine Wings of Tragedy [Zero Corporation]
(1998) Twilight in Olympus [Zero Corporation]
(1998) Behind the Mask (Compilation) [CNR Music]
(1998) Prelude to the Millennium – Essentials of Symphony (Compilation) [Zero Corporation]
(1999) Prelude to the Millennium [InsideOut Music]
(2000) V: The New Mythology Suite [InsideOut Music]
(2001) Live on the Edge of Forever [InsideOut Music]
(2002) The Odyssey [InsideOut Music]
(2005) Rarities and Demos (Compilation) [Church of the Machine]
(2007) Forsaken / Set the World on Fire (Split) [InsideOut Music]
(2007) Paradise Lost [InsideOut Music]
(2011) The End of Innocence (Single) [Nuclear Blast]
(2011) Iconoclast [Nuclear Blast]
(2015) Without You (Single) [Nuclear Blast]
(2015) Underworld [Nuclear Blast]


Current Members

Michael Romeo / Guitars, Backing Vocals (1994–Present)
Michael Pinnella / Keyboards, Backing Vocals (1994–Present)
Russell Allen / Lead Vocals (1995–Present)
Jason Rullo / Drums (1994–1997, 1998–Present)
Michael LePond / Bass, Backing Vocals (1999–Present)

Past Members

Thomas Miller / Bass (1994−1998)
Rod Tyler / Vocals (1994)
Thomas Walling / Drums (1997−1998)

Live Guest

Andy DeLuca / Bass (1998)
John Macaluso / Drums (2013)

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