[Heavy Aspect #2] Biscaya

Biscaya were a Swedish Metal group with marked Prog influences, certainly among the pioneers of the genre, formed in 1982. The band has only one full-length of the same name, released for RCA in 1983, some singles and an EP subsequent, to then dissolve definitively. The only work produced by Biscaya denotes a sound rich in Progressive influences, published in a period where the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal was in vogue, which turns out to be the starting point on which, however, they embroidered their personal sound. Well developed musically with keyboard inserts and hints of classical music blend with Metal, giving life to a project that was innovative at the time. In the short period of activity the band in addition to producing an album of the same name on the prestigious RCA label, also had a decent live activity, only to lose their tracks. Although the disc is a small classic, well known in the underground, it would certainly deserve to be more appreciated and made known to a wider audience. Inserted in subsequent years in a compilation of Scandinavian Metal, this group and their only album have never reached high prices in the field of collectors, and has also been reissued in various versions also on CD. Musically valid, with the first hints of a Prog Metal that will be better defined in the following years and will establish itself thanks to groups such as Dream Theater and Symphony X. One of the first characteristics that stand out is a certain similarity with the sounds of Blackmore’s Rainbow, certainly a source of inspiration for all groups of the genre, but with more Metal and personal characters. There is little information on this group, a meteor in the Metal scene, but in my opinion to be mentioned as one of the first examples of more complex and less conventional Metal sounds. It should be noted that Pär Edwardson produced several albums and bands and his own solo album in 2005, while Magnus Strömberg subsequently embarked on the path of composing soundtracks for films and TV series. Too bad that a band with such innovative ideas for the time interrupted the musical path so soon leaving us only a valuable album and a few singles


1983Summerlove / Singing in Harmony [Single]RCA
1984Summerlove / Fools [Single]RCA
1984On 45 [EP]RCA
1985Howl in the Sky / Rockin’ Vehicles [Single]RCA


Johan StrömbergBass
Martin HedströmGuitars
Magnus StrömbergKeyboards
Mads ClausenVocals
Birger LöfmanDrums 
Pär EdwardssonGuitars 

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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