[Heavy Aspect #2] Biscaya

Formed as AIR by Roger Christiansson and Pär Edwardsson. The band later evolved into Biscaya.

Biscaya - Photo

Biscaya released a full-lenght LP (produced by TRASH bassist Peter “P-J” Jägerhult) and a MLP through their active years. They also had the tracks “Howl In The Sky” and “Rockin’ Vehicles” on the compilation “Scandinavian Metal Attack II” from 1984 and was featured on the 4-way split “Heavy Rock Special” from 1984. Pär, Johan and Birger joined Per-Håkan Skånberg in Hawk after the band disbanded. 

Pär Edwardson produced a number of bands and albums (Roat Rat, Psychotic Youth, Human Race, Pagan, Million, etc). He also released a solo album in 2005 called “Bodybuilding-but with centimetre?” featuring guest performances by Ia Eklundh (Freak Kitchen), Kee Marcello (K2) and Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates) among others.

Guitarist Martin Hedström would session on the 1993 Pagan album “The Weight.” Ex-bassist Hans Johannson resurfaced in Heavy Metal act Pain and Passion during 1998. Erstwhile Biscaya drummer Birger Löfman would feature in the 2002 Destiny line-up.

Singer Mats Clausen fronted the Timecode Alpha Progressive Metal project in 2009.
Magnus Strömberg has scored music for several TV series and films.

Biscaya - Biscaya
Biscaya - On 45
Biscaya - Howl in the Sky
Biscaya - Summerlove
Bathory / Oz / Biscaya / Mentzer / Highscore - Scandinavian Metal Attack II


(1982) Demo

(1983) Summerlove / Singing In Harmony [RCA]
(1984) Summerlove / Fools [RCA]
(1985) Howl In The Sky / Rockin’ Vehicles [RCA]

(1984) On 45 [RCA]

Full Length
(1983) Biscaya [RCA]

(1996) Biscaya [US Reissue] [BMG]
(1996) Biscaya [Jap Reissue] [BMG]
(2007) Biscaya [Jap Reissue] [BMG]

(1990) Howl In Sweden [Live Bootleg]

V/A Compilations
(1984) Scandinavian Metal Attack II [RCA]
(1984) Heavy Rock Special [Jap Promo]

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