[Hidden Rarities #13] Sustain

Sustain is a little known Dutch Progressive Rock band, whose story begins in the mid-1970s and continues until its dissolution in 1982. The group formed in 1976 as a quartet formed by Hans Grandia (Drums, Percussion), Giezel Voorsluijs (Bass, Vocals, Percussion), Daan Soumokil (Guitar, Vocals) and Cohert Coehoom (Keyboards, Vocals, Percussion). In 1977, Frank Van Helvoirt (Saxophone, Contralto) joined the group, thus forming a quintet, recording a self-titled album. It is published only in 1978 for Unidentified Artists Productions, it is composed of nine medium-length tracks. The sound of the band is a Symphonic Prog, with Jazzy influences, which follows the sounds of bands such as Isopoda or flyte. The quality of the recording is not perfect, but pleasurable for large portraits, the only flaw instead is the vocal in English, with a marked Dutch accent, not always up to par. We are facing a good album, with good ideas, Progressive and attracted Jazzy, but, which lacks that extra something that would have made it special. Lovers of Nordic-style symphonic ’70s sounds will be satisfied by listening to the record. Despite these notes, in the complex composition and execution, they are of a high standard, not a masterpiece but an excellent album. Like other similar productions in its original vinyl version, it is rare and expensive, also to availability an unknown is the state of conservation after 40 years, not always optimal. It has never been reissued on CD, this makes the album a real “Hidden Rarity,” accessible only to collectors and scholars. In 1980, they changed their name to Sustayn and published a 45rpm with “Hamburger cream” in Face A and “Dancing for the night” in Face B, produced by La Mamicha Music, offering a lighter sound and more Pop-oriented. A second album was released in 1981 entitled “Time for a change” with the moniker Sustayn self-released. It is closer to the sonority of the first, even if lighter. It is very rare since it too has never been reprinted either in CD or in LP. The band has returned to a quartet in which the wind instruments are no longer included, which embellished the previous work. Despite being classified in the Prog strand, this work is more like Pop sound, resulting also less incisive than its predecessor, adapting more to the commercial needs of the period. A band that has not received the right recognition nor at the time, much less in the future, never being reprinted is not even mentioned in the sector magazines. To report in the Prog field the first album, while the following 45rpm and the secondwork are inserted here for the sake of completeness and not for a real departure the musical genre. The quality of the recordings, not up to par, has always limited the success is the affirmation, if not between the lovers and the collectors. The ideas are there, the technique also, but thanks to the imperfect English dialectic, reduce its impact on the public. In conclusion, we can say that for lovers of the most sought after obscure records is a good listening, pleasant and attractive succeeded. With a work of sound cleaning, with modern techniques, it could improve the yield.


(1978) Sustain [Unidentified Artists Productions]
(1981) Time for a change [Not On Label] As Sustayn


Giezel Voorsluijs / Bass, Voices, Percussion
Hans Grandia / Drums, Percussion
Wallie Latumeten / Guitars, Voices, Percussion (1st Album)
Coert Coehoorn / Keyboards, Voices, Percussion
Frank Van Helvoirt / Alto Saxophone, Percussion
Daan Soumokil / Guitar, Vocals (2nd Album)

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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