[Hidden Rarities # 16] Fuzzy Duck

The English band Fuzzy Duck was formed in London in 1970 and included Mick Hawksworth, Roy Sharland and Paul Francis. Unfortunately, not much news has come to this band to our days, except that in the homonymous album, the only one published for MAM Records, other musicians were added to complete the lineup. Gart Watt-Roy and Graham White joined the Fuzzy Duck’s only record release. A very rare album in its original 1971 LP version, as it was only printed in 500 copies, subsequently reissued several times in CD versions. The sound of the band is an organ-driven Heavy Prog with fuzz guitars, the vocal is intense and the rhythm session is solid and high level. One note that I would add on this album is the audio rendering one of the best discs in terms of equalization from the ‘70s, with very precise sounds, not something taken for granted. That said, the album is highly sought after, especially for its musical quality, in fact it is considered one of the masterpieces among the hidden rarities. Rediscovered thanks to the reissues of the 90s, both European and Japanese, it immediately aroused the interest of fans and lovers of the 70s music. The band after the release of this work, like many others of that period, broke up and each of the members took their own way. They left us this excellent Heavy Prog / Psych album, which for rarity and quality absolutely deserves to be part of this “Hidden Rarities.”


Fuzzy Duck Fuzzy Duck  album cover

1. Time wil be your doctor (5:11) 
2. Mrs Prouts (6:48) 
3. Just look around you (4:24) 
4. Afternoon out (4:59) 
5. More than I am (5:33) 
6. Country boy (6:04) 
7. In out time (6:41) 
8. A word from bid D (1:41) 

Bonus tracks on Repertoire: 
9. Double time woman (3:00) 
10. Big brass band (2:58) 
11. One more hour (3:59) 
12. No name face (3:03)


Paul Francis / Drums
Mick Hawksworth / Bass
Roy Sharland / Organ
Graham White / Lead vocals, Guitar

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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