[Hidden Rarities #24] Pugh’s Place

Pugh’s Place was born in Leeuwarden, Fryslan in the Netherlands from the ashes of a band called Example which started playing in 1965 and which guitarist Hans Kerkhoven was a part of. After an initial period spent playing covers, the band stabilizes and changes its name in 1967 to Pugh’s Place, offering live songs by the genius Stevie Winwood, Yardbirds, Kinks, etc. In 1970 they released the first single “Nothing Is Real Here / The Horoscope” for Decca, a prelude to their only studio album “West One” released by the same label in 1971. The genre proposed by the band was a mixture of Heavy Prog with the addition of the flute, recalling the sounds of Focus. Excellent keyboard phrasing, a solid rhythmic session with leading bass lines, a dynamic vocal in line with the era, make this work a true masterpiece of continental prog. A band that would have deserved better luck at the time and that should be enhanced even today.

Harry Vellenga wrote a book about Pugh’s Place, interviewing all band members and others involved in the band’s ups and downs. Harry tells his story against the background of a city with growing youth in the post-war period up to and including the turbulent sixties. In addition to the book, the band released a CD with previously unreleased tracks, as was the case in 1972 when their album “Live” was released. Apart from the Beatles cover of “Drive My Car” at the beginning, the tracks that make up their album are very intense and enhance the techniques and ideas of the artists involved. Peculiarity, the album was reissued only on LP in 2021 and on CD, but the version is not official, while the original of the time is available for a few hundred Euros. Unfortunately after the tour recorded and released on LP in 1972, some members of the band begin to abandon the project, and with the release of Jan Van Der Heide (guitar, flute, vocals) and George Snijder (drums) left, it was the end for Pugh’s Place.


[1970] Nothing Is Real Here / The Horoscope ‎(7″, Single) (Decca)

[1971] West One (Decca)

[1972] Live (Universe Productions)


Hans Kerkhoven / Lead guitar, 12 String Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Jan Ottevanger / Bass
Nanne Kalma / Vocals, Vibes, Acoustic Guitar
Jan van der Heide / Guitar, Flute, Vocals
George Snijder / Drums
Henk Kooistra / Organ

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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