[Hidden Rarities #37] Cornucopia (GER)

Cornucopia were a German band born in 1972 in Hamburg and dissolved in 1974, which in their short period of activity have released an excellent album. Titled “Full Horn” was released in 1973 via Brain, it consists of 4 tracks, a 20 minute epic on side A and the other 3 on side B. The band’s sound is attributable to Krautrock, a blend of Progressive and Jazz, attributable to artists such as Frank Zappa, Amon Duul, Thirsty Moon and Spermull. The album is of fine workmanship even if at the time it was a commercial flop, this unfortunately like many other bands led to the dissolution of the group. Reprinted several times over the years, it has not reached very high prices, being also available in its 1973 version. would have deserved greater consideration. Fortunately, in more recent times and thanks to the reissues, as well as other artists of the time, they have been re-evaluated, and today they are held in high regard in the collections of Prog lovers. This band enters by right in this editorial, not so much for the rarity of the disc, but for the quality expressed within it, a milestone of German Prog of the early 70s.


[1973] Full Horn (Brain)


Wolfgang Kause / Lead Vocals, Voice
Kai Henrik Möller / Lead & Acoustic Guitars, Backing Vocals
Christoph Hardwig / Keyboards, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Wolfgang Bartl / Bass, Backing Vocals
Wolfgang Gaudes / Drums, Percussion, 12-String Guitar
Rudy Holzhauer / Percussion
Harry Koch / Effects, Percussion, Voice

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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