[Hidden Rarities #40] Màquina!

Màquina! were a Spanish band active from 1969 until 1972, considered pioneering and seminal for Progressive Rock in the country. Born in a period where making music with Franco’s dictatorship was very complex, as we know how restrictive regimes of all types and forms are. The band from Barcelona, ​​which has its origins in the band La Companyia, which supported Folk Rock artists of the national scene and groups of the folk music association Grup de Folk in 1968. Batiste-Herrera were the leading members of the movement and create so the first lineup of Maquina! which included Jordi Batiste (bass, lead vocals), Enric Herrera (hammond, piano, backing vocals), Luigi Cabanach (guitar, backing vocals) and Jackie García (drums). In 1969 they released their first single “Lands Of Perfection / Let’s Get Smashed” via Diábolo and in the same year “Earth’s Daughter = Hija De La Tierra” was released on the same label with Tapi Vilaseca taking over on drums. In 1970 “Why?” for Diábolo, considered one of the best records ever released from Spain in the Prog genre. Guided by guitar and Hammond, with a solid rhythm session and long instrumental sections. The line-up that recorded the record included Jordi Batiste (bass, lead vocals, flute), Enric Herrera (Hammond, keyboard, piano), Luigi Cabanach (guitar, bass, backing vocals), Tapi Vilaseca (drums) and Josep Maria París (guitar ). But sadly Batiste was called into the compulsory army, as was Herrera shortly after, and this resulted in the band almost never playing with the 5-piece lineup. At the beginning of 1971 they found themselves thus reduced to only 2 elements, and Tapi also decided to leave to form Tapiman, another leading band on the Spanish scene. Enric Herrera, during his military service, decided to put the band back on its feet, inserting 3 young elements from the Crac band and changing the sound. The lineup changes in that period were continuous, so much so that listing them all is very complex, the sounds add Jazz-Rock influences, so much so that they are considered the first band in Catalonia to propose this genre. Their second and final LP, En directo, was recorded as a live concert in July 1972 with the collaboration of founding member Jordi Batiste as a singer. Also released by the same label, which had previously extracted two 7″ from the debut album one of the same name and the other “I Believe / Thank You.” 2 other releases conclude the 70s releases, “Sun Bring The Summer / Burning Butts” via Ariola in 1971 and “Take It Easy / King Kong Rides Again” in 1972 via Diábolo. In 1982 the album “Funciona …” containing 2 long tracks was released by Apolo Records. one on each side. Overall, the value of all 3 full-lengths does not reach high altitudes, allowing lovers of the genre and collectors to be able to find the original releases at affordable prices. As previously said the debut album of this band is a real milestone of the Spanish Prog / Psych Rock, as well as being appreciated all over the world.


(1970) Why? [Diábolo]

(1972) En Directo [Diábolo]

(1982) Funciona… [Apolo Records]


Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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