[Hidden Rarities #45] Leviathan (UK)

UK band Leviathan’s only album was recorded on 1969 for the Elektra label but released on 2012 titled “Unleashed” via Record Collector Magazine and on 2016 wi the title “The Legendary Lost Elektra Album” via Grapefruit Records. The tracklist of the album is made by all the 1969 singles and other tracks intended for their debut album, but unfortunatly the contract was deleted at last moment from the president of the label: Jac Holzmab.

Previously only available as a limited edition vinyl, Leviathan was the long-awaited album from one of the most one of the most sought-after British Psych/Prog bands by fans and collectors that never really came to fruition.

The band themselves only released 3 singles upon signing with Elektra in 1969.
Leviathan recorded their debut album, but sadly had it pulled from releases at the last possible moment, cancelled & ensuring the last nail in the coffin for the band.

The musicianship on this album is beyond belief. Roger McCabes bass lines are not only pumping, but would certainly be rated along side Roger Waters & Noel Redding from the same era. Just stunning. Stuart Hobdays vocals are quite wonderful. Totally suited to the sound of Leviathan Gary ‘Roscoe’ Murphy on drums is so laid back & fully in a world of his own. Holding down the timing as Rogers bass circles around him & Brian Bennets lead guitar work accentuates the vocal lines.
It’s a real shame this album wasn’t issued at the time. The singles did well enough & the band would’ve been a commercial success & would’ve been the UK’s answer to American band Iron Butterfly.
Fortunately, thanks to many audiophiles & sifters of archives, the very name of Leviathan has been kept alive, the album completely remastered & now expanded with different mixes, including the rare Australian single version of “Remember The Times.”


Leviathan – “Unleashed” out on 2012 via Record Collector Magazine.

Leviathan – “The Legendary Lost Elektra Album” out on 2016 via Grapefruit Records.


  1. Remember The Times
  2. Second Production
  3. The War Machine
  4. Through The Looking Glass
  5. Blue Day
  6. Time
  7. Flames
  8. World In My Head
  9. Evil Woman
  10. Flames

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Author: Delia Lunardi Acosta

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