[Interview] Exclusive interview with Cydonia (GER)

Dear readers, we are pleased to offer you in this article an interview with a German band with Progressive Rock sounds. Their debut album “Stations” was released on December 16, 2022, offering a solid and elaborate sound. We welcome Cydonia.

Hi, how are you?

Thank you, we are doing very well, as a band we are especially happy that our first album has been released and that it is arousing some interest.

The band is called Cydonia, what does this name mean?

The band was initially called Hills of Cydonia, which was later reduced to Cydonia. The Cydonia region on Mars should be known to some, especially because of the so-called Martian face, which once caused some uproar. In general, however, the term Cydonia is for us a metaphor for the mystical, unknown new terrain that we want to explore and express with our music.

You play Progressive Rock with references to the 70s and a modern approach, where does your passion for this musical genre come from?

We grew up with this music to a large extent, so we play the music of our youth, which has always accompanied us in our various musical projects. Each of our band members has already participated in different formations with many musical genres, so the Cydonia music is a mixture of these parts and therefore quite diverse.

Your debut album “Stations” was released on December 16, 2022 how would you describe this first work?

“Stations” already reveals with its title and the cover what we are about: We have been on our way as a band for several years. And now was the right time to stop and record some of our music on CD before continuing again. Let’s see where the journey takes us next…

Three studio tracks and two live tracks, when and where did you record them?

All recordings come from our home town of Freiburg. The two live tracks are a bit older and were recorded at a gig in the Slow Club. The three studio tracks were recorded in 2022 just one door down, in the adjacent Liquid Studio.

Your music alternates between more energetic passages and Symphonic openings and long instrumental textures, how does the creative process of your songs take place?

One of us usually brings an idea for a song to the rehearsal room. Then we work on it together and everyone contributes their ideas. And we have a lot of ideas, which is why an initially simple, short song often develops into a sprawling long track…

The vocal parts are also intense, what themes do your lyrics deal with?

Our lyrics often contain very personal experiences and themes of our time, but also their implementation in fantasies and the transfer of the action to alien planets. Generally speaking, we write about topics that move us and are important.

Listening to the album we also enjoyed the two live tracks, will there be a chance to hear you on stage in the near future? Do you have plans in this regard?

We are definitely planning some concerts in the near future, planning is already underway. It would also be very appealing to be able to present us live at one or the other prog festival! Since we have about 2.5 hours of program, a successor to the CD will not be long in coming, some of our best songs have not even been recorded yet, which we want to catch up on soon.

Rock music and Progressive in particular are constantly evolving, how do you see the future of your genre?

We firmly believe that music created with passion and conviction always has a future, people will always prefer and love the “real”.

Today’s music market is more oriented towards commercial sounds, what difficulties do bands have in establishing themselves with a more elaborate genre like yours?

First and foremost, it’s difficult for lesser-known prog bands to be able to play live and become better known as a result. Promoters must be able to engage with this more complex form of music in order to recognize that the audience is being offered something special. Even if not every prog concert will be sold out…
On the other hand, the internet helps us nowadays, where the progheads have long since networked and word of recommendable new releases quickly gets around. We already notice that with our album “Stations”.

Do you have other artistic passions outside of music?

No, nothing worth mentioning.

What advice would you give to a young band that decides to propose a more sophisticated musical genre such as Progressive Rock?

It helps to listen to as much music as possible and to discover the different styles of rock. But then you should be able to free yourself from it and go your own way, where everything is allowed – even the previously undiscovered.

I thank Cydonia for the pleasant interview, wishing them all the best for the continuation
of their artistic career.


Michael Bernauer / Vocals
Rainer Dück / Guitars
Dirk Fenchel / Drums
Oliver Gerike / Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Bass-Pedals, Backing Vocals
Daniel Perrey / Keyboards, Backing Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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