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We are pleased to offer you in this article an interview with an Argentine band that offers Symphonic Prog sounds, whose debut album “Ceremonias” was released on April 12, 2022, we welcome Merèt.

Hi how are you?

Very well. Thank you for this opportunity.

You are a band made up of 6 artists proposing Symphonic Prog, how was the band born?

This is the third band that we share with some of the other members and was born under the need in expressing our music and poetry in a certain way. Due to our skills, preferences and backgrounds we do it through the progressive and symphonic rock genre.

Your sounds bring the atmosphere of the 70s to the present day, where does your passion for this music come from?

As I mentioned before, most of us are over 50 years old. We have grown with this music. We used to spend quality time listening and trying to play the songs of the Big Prog bands such as ELP, Genesis, Yes, Jethro Tull, Gentle Giant, Camel, etc. So it’s not by chance that we create and prefer this style of music.

The proposed genre is a Symphonic Progressive Rock, where does your passion for these sounds come from?

Same answer as previous one.

Your debut album “Ceremonias” was released in April 2022, how would you describe this work?

We describe it as a cornerstone. Not only for being a turning point in our career but also because we wanted to materialize a bunch of songs (old songs for us, new songs for the people) in a record, to set them free. We have been playing these songs for a while and wanted to move on, basically to return to the composition and arrangement stage, which for us is a necessity and a way to re-unite and re-align our beats and notes.

Long-running tracks and a long suite, what are the themes of the album?

“Ceremonias” -meaning “Ceremonies”- is exactly that: stories about different kind of ceremonies that for sure touch our lives in some way, sometimes. “Leve” talks about the ceremony of love and to be loved. “El Alquimista” is a tale based on a Jorge Luis Borges short story and invites to find the evolution inside us; a ceremony of self-knowledge. “Plano Astral” talks about a fourth dimension, a dimension that has no time or space limits; a metaphysical ceremony. “Podrás Llorar” and “Un largo camino a fin de mes” encourage to overcome difficulties; a resiliency ceremony. And “Ceremonias” -the song- is a suite that brings out to our days the Egyptian Celebration of Opet, where the people celebrated fertility and wellness under the sun; a celebration for seeking unity and brotherhood. “Levissimo” is a fugue based on “Leve”.

Your music is full of tempo changes and long instrumental sections, how does the composition of the songs take place?

Although most of the songs belong to one of our members. Arrangements, licks and definitive versions were composed and agreed with all the band members. Some songs are born as ballads and turn into epic songs. Some need minor development, some others need years of revisions before they are ok.

Many of your fans and readers are wondering if there will be a chance to hear your music live, do you have any plans for that?

Yes indeed. We have officially presented the album last July 2nd in Ciudad de Buenos Aires. We are also planning -hopefully- to have a couple more presentations before the end of the year.

Yours is a very interesting debut album full of ideas, are you already planning any future record releases?

Certainly, we are now finalizing the composition phase for our second album. We will be probably starting the recording sessions later this year, trying to release the album during 2023.

The music market has changed a lot in recent years, how difficult is it to establish yourself with a more sought-after music genre like yours?

It’s no easy, as you may know. In our case, the releasing of “Ceremonias” is a dream come true. But everything was produced by us. And as we could have opted for a digital only release, we chose to go for physical CD’s. Market rules have changed and prog rock is not a top selling music genre.

What advice would you give to a young band approaching the modern music scene by offering Progressive sounds?

Experiment. Try. Learn. Feel. Play. Enjoy. Start all over and “progress” 😊

Even if your album has recently been released, do you already have plans for new music in the near future?

Already answered 3 replies above.

The themes of your music are very intense and sophisticated, do you have other passions or artistic projects?

Many of us have distinct preferences for other music styles, such as folk (local) music, soul, pop, jazz and classical. And some of us play in other bands, but not progressive rock.

As usual I leave the last question free, to allow you to talk about any topic of your choice not touched on in the previous questions.

It’s nice to know that our music is reaching new horizons. We never imagined that. We are selling CD’s in Japan, México, Perú and in some European countries. Digital platforms have deployed our music in almost all Latin American countries, Poland, Hungary, China and Russia.

I thank Merèt for their availability and for the pleasant interview, wishing them the best for the continuation of their musical career.

We thank you for your interest and for promoting our creative project!

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