[Interview] JPL (Jean Pierre Louveton): “10 records that changed my life”

From Genesis and YES to Iron Maiden and Judas Priest passing through Led Zeppelin and Fates Warning, the French Prog Rock artist JPL (Jean Pierre Louveton) picks the 10 records that changed his life.

01. Genesis – “Wind And Wuthering”
02. Iron Maiden – “Killers”
03. Metallica – “Ride The Lighning”
04. Led Zeppelin – “IV”
05. Judas Priest – “Defenders Of The Faith”
06. Fates Warning – “Awaken The Guardian”
07. YES – “Big Generator”
08. Uzeb – “Noisy Nights”
09. Joe Satriani – “Not Of This Earth”
10. Spock’s  – “The Kindness Of Strangers”

01 – Genesis – “Wind and wuthering”:

This record undoubtedly instilled in me a taste for progressive rock, long before I was even aware of it.
My mother listened to this record when I was a child, and its very personal atmosphere stayed with me, making Genesis one of my favourite bands over the ages.

Genesis – “Eleventh Earl Of Mar”:

02 – Iron Maiden – “Killers”:

In 1981, when I was 11 years old, I discovered a passion for music with this album. as if it were the sound I’d always been waiting for that had finally revealed itself to my ears. It changed my life forever.

Iron Maiden – “Prodigal Son”:

03 – Metallica – “Ride The Lighning”:

I got into hard rock with Iron Maiden, followed by Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and all the other popular
bands of the ’80s, my second big slap in the face came when I heard the intro to “Fight fire with fire” in the
in the record shop when it first came out.

Metallica – “The Call Of Ktulu (Remastered)”:

04 – Led Zeppelin – “IV”:

One of the perfect records in my record library. One of the records I’ve listened to the most, and one that will remain my role model as an album creator. There’s nothing to throw away, and everything on this record is superb and has its place!

Led Zeppelin – “The Battle of Evermore”:

05 – Judas Priest – “Defenders Of The Faith”:

The intro to “The sentinel”, played by my neighbor, made me want to pick up the guitar. I was fascinated
by the song, and seeing it played like that in front of me had a magical effect. I started some time later!

Judas Priest – “The Sentinel”:

06 – Fates Warning – “Awaken The Guardian”:

In my hard rock albums, my favorite songs were always the longest, the most epic. This record was all about epics!

Fates Waning – “The Sorceress”:

07 – YES – “Big Generator”:

I fell in love with this record on first listen! It brings together everything I love about music: the energy,
boldness, sound, melody, originality, virtuosity, good songs. This record gets a bad press
but I discovered Yes with it, and it will remain one of my favorites.

YES – “I’m Running”:

08 – Uzeb – “Noisy Nights”:

I discovered this group in concert, and their music was my gateway to jazz. Even if it’s far from the
standards, this band has managed to win over rock, pop and jazz fans alike! This album contains some wonderful themes of which I’m still jealous!

Uzeb – “I Believe It”:

09 – Joe Satriani – “Not of this earth”:

With this record, I discovered that it was possible to make interesting and virtuoso instrumental music on a whole record! Even if I prefer guitarists like Van Halen or Steve Vai, Joe Satriani has succeeded on this record in creating superb varied and emotionally charged atmospheres.

Joe Satriani – “The Snake”:

10 – Spock’s Beard – “The Kindness Of Strangers”:

When, at the end of the 90s, I was depressed at not finding anything interesting to listen to anymore, I discovered this record which brought back to life the ambitious music of the 70s, with a real personality and talented musicians. And off we went for another 10 years!

Spock’s Beard – “June”:

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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