[Interview] Nick Fletcher: “10 records that changed my life”

From Led Zeppelin to Keith Jarrett and Pat Metheny Group passing through more Progressive sounds of artists like GenesisFocus and Bill Brufod the UK Progressive Rock artist Nick Fletcher picks the 10 records that changed his life.

The 10 albums that changed my life (in order I descovered it)“:

01. Led Zeppelin – “Led Zeppelin II”
02. Wishbone Ash – “Argus”
03. Genesis – “Selling England by the Pound”
04. Focus – “Moving Waves”
05. U.K. – “U.K.”
06. Bill Bruford – “Feels Good To Me”
07. Pat Metheny Group – “White Album”
08. Ralph Towner – “Solstice”
09. Eberhard Weber – “The following Morning”
10. Keith Jarrett – “The Paris Concert”

01. Led Zeppelin – “Led Zeppelin II” (1969):

It was the first time I’d heard music which had such a visceral impact. The hard rock feel and Jimmy Page’s guitar playing captivated me and made me think this is the kind of music I would love to make!

Led Zeppelin – “Led Zeppelin II (Remastered Version)”:

02. Wishbone Ash – “Argus”:

The album was full of mystery and the twin lead guitars of Andy Powell and Ted Turner was unique. It had a very English feel to the blues which I think became a hallmark of my own playing.

Wishbone Ash – “Time Was”:

03. Genesis – “Selling England by the Pound”:

Again a very English sounding album but full of wonderful classical influences and stunning compositions, great musicianship and a great recorded sound too.

Genesis – “Selling England by the Pound”:

04. Focus – “Moving Waves”:

An incredible album that was an eclectic mix of Rock, Jazz and classical music. This too influenced me in my own personal approach to writing music both structurally and harmonically.

Focus – “Hocus Pocus”:

05. U.K. – “U.K”:

This was the greatest Prog album ever! Such a super group of the best musicians around. The writing and playing have stood the test of time. It’s never been surpassed.

U.K. – “In The Dead Of Night”:

06. Bill Bruford – “Feels Good To Me”:

This album was fusion music like I’d never heard before. Allan Holdsworth was once again the most incredible guitarist whose ideas were utterly unique. The album also introduced me to the playing of Kenny Wheeler and modal Jazz which pushed me into another musical adventure.

Bill Bruford – “Holdsworth Beelzebub”:

07. Pat Metheny Group – “White Album”:

The recording was like something i’d never heard before. This was a unique fusion which sparked my imagination into thinking anything is possible. The track ‘Jaco’ was the 1st thing I had heard from Pat Metheny on the radio, which prompted me to buy the album in 1978.

Pat Metheny Group – “San Lorenzo”:

08. Ralph Towner – “Solstice”:

At this time in my life I was studying the classical guitar and Ralph showed that the instrument could also be used in an improvising setting, which set me a light with possibilities on this instrument too. Ralph was and still is my all time favourite guitarist and musician.

Ralph Towner – “Sand”:

09. Eberhard Weber – “The following Morning”:

This album was other worldly and beautiful in its conception and recording. His unique bass playing captivated me like no one else has ever done. Classical minimalism with romantic overtones, it’s just the most amazing album!

Eberhard Weber – “The following Morning”:

10. Keith Jarrett – “The Paris concert”:

Keith is a true genius and everything he has recorded is sublime. However this album sparked my creative imagination in regards to improvising. His almost Bach like introduction made me think more contrapuntally when writing music for the guitar, It was a revelation. Since hearing this album I have composed much music for the classical guitar in this way. I also think in a linear way when writing my progressive fusion music too. All the voicing’s of my harmonic structures are thought through in a very contrapuntal way.

Keith Jarrett – “The Paris Concert Live”:

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