[Review] Lazleitt – Perpetually Under Idle Grounds

Lazleitt is a project of the multi-instrumentalist and singer Alex Lazcano. After a good debut “On The Brink” of 2018, on 26 July 2019 they publish “Perpetually Under Idle Grounds“, a self-released with great expectations, mixed and mastered by Eric Gillette also on guitar and drums. The album starts with “Prelude“, an intro with dark tones of short duration that introduces us to the next suite of over 21 minutes. “A Furtive Shelter” is the highlight of the album, given its duration, with well-composed and executed passages, in an alternation of symphonic and other more aggressive moments. Nothing is missing in this song, highlighting all the tools and good qualities of both male and female vocals. The time changes are precise and offer excellent cues, also guitar and keyboard are remarkable. The best moments of the album are contained here. “Gallows Hill Dossier 1: Grace Sherwood” is the first of two parts, also a remarkable piece, characterized by powerful bass lines and excellent use of keyboards. Well developed in all its parts, with the time changes that do not upset the track, indeed they are an added value. “Gallows Hill Dossier 2: Bridget Bishop” is the second part of the previous one, a continuum that further develops the theme with an eccentric and personal style. Once again, all the ambitions and skills of the band are put on display. The bass and drum base is solid, guitar and keyboards are always at the center of the project. The album closes with “The Owl And The Blue Rose“, a song inspired by the TV series Twin Peaks, also divided into 3 different parts. The theme is striking, and the music maintains the high level expressed throughout the album. An excellent work, characterized by an intricate sound, the keyboards and guitars create valid and elaborate melodies and solos. The alternation between male and female voice is precise and enriches an already solid and varied sound. Another good release in 2019, an album that impresses with its elaboration, and at the same time for its smoothness. A group that holds up the Prog flag. The band published 3 teaser for the album:


1. Prelude (1:12)
2. A Furtive Shelter (21:14)
I. Through The Glass Darkly
II. Wonderland
III. Take Your Darkness Somewhere Else
IV. Babylonian Dreams
V. Perpetually Lost
VI. Inside A Paper Bag
VII. Revolutions Of The Heavenly Spheres
VIII. Under Idle Grounds
IX. Through The Glass Darkly (reprise)
3. Gallows Hill Dossier 1: Grace Sherwood (5:00)
4. Gallows Hill Dossier 2: Bridget Bishop (6:36)
5. The Owl And The Blue Rose (8:11)
I. Shadow And Light
II. Walking In Through The Curtain
III. Epilogue


Alex Lazcano / Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Piano, Vocals
Eric Gillette / Drums & Lead Guitar
Liz Tapia / Vocals
Carlos Hernandez / Lead Guitar
David Knowles / Keyboards

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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