[New Releases] December 2021 Progressive Metal new releases

December 1, 2021Luna Fawn RipleyDeranged QueenProgressive Metal
December 1, 2021BlackhearthThe Wrath of GodProgressive Metal
December 1, 2021Сергей МавринИди и смотриProgressive Metal
December 2, 2021CastawayEverflowing Past EPProgressive Metal
December 3, 2021Beyond Martian SkiesN2H4Progressive Metal
December 3, 2021Dream TheaterLost Not Forgotten Archives: When Dream and Day Reunite (Live)Progressive Metal
December 3, 2021Devin TownsendSnugglesProgressive Metal
December 3, 2021Devin TownsendThe PuzzleProgressive Metal, Ambient
December 3, 2021AshbreatherOw, My Eye EPProgressive Metal
December 3, 2021PantheistCloser to GodProgressive Doom Metal
December 4, 2021UndertimeThe Sound of HopeProgressive Metal
December 5, 2021Michael HannaA Connection to EternityProgressive Metal
December 7, 2021Stone MerrickRuler of the SeasProgressive Metal
December 9, 2021DomićThe Ancient LieProgressive Metal
December 9, 2021NovereSoulless Elements EPProgressive Metal
December 10, 2021PyramidValidityProgressive Metal
December 10, 2021SnarledKralj GoraProgressive Metal
December 10, 2021SgàileIdeals & MoralityProgressive Metal
December 10, 2021NoekkThe White LadyProgressive/Doom Metal
December 12, 2021Static LimitExistentiaProgressive Metal
December 14, 2021Kra3torTRI EPProgressive Metal, Electronic
December 16, 2021He Was a GodThe Smile & The Scar EPProgressive Metal
December 17, 2021Age of AthenaGate to OblivionSymphonic/Progressive Metal
December 17, 2021Flashing ThunderCrazy StrikeProgressive Metal
December 17, 2021LotrifyTime FractureProgressive Metal
December 18, 2021My Own BlackSongs of Disappearance EPProgressive Metal
December 20, 2021Amyr AbadawnThe New ChapterSymphonic/Progressive Metal
December 20, 2021SyrekStoryProgressive Metal/Shred
December 26, 2021KopfwerkZukunft der Vergangenheit EPExperimental/Progressive Metal
December 28, 2021The JaxxNew WorldProgressive Metal
December 28, 2021[Saint]Camelot ISymphonic/Progressive Metal
December 29, 2021MirthlessLate December Blossomed FlowerDoom/Progressive Metal
December 31, 2021CyraxMetamorphosis EPProgressive Metal

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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