[New Releases] February 2023 new releases

February 01, 2023WarpBound by GravityStoner, Doom Metal
February 01, 2023BirushanahLive at Hokage 2021Experimental Sludge, Doom Metal
February 01, 2023New Mexican Doom CultNecroploisStoner, Doom Metal
February 01, 2023Arcana CollectiveAtlas Lost, Act 1: The Long SleepHeavy Prog
February 02, 2023Mind OverclockCrazy Music For Weird PeopleInstrumental Psychedelic, Space Rock
February 02, 2023Peter GeePilgrimProgressive Rock
February 02, 2023Black VelvetBlack Velvet EPStoner Metal
February 02, 2023Alabama KushManus Dextra EPStoner Metal
February 02, 2023SeumDouble DoubleSludge, Stoner Metal
February 02, 2023Obscene LiarAwaiting a Terrible Return EPDoom Metal
February 02, 2023An Evening with KnivesFNR Sessions Live albumStoner, Doom Metal/Rock
February 02, 2023KatatoniaDaylight Harvest EPProgressive Rock/Metal
February 03, 2023HakkonThe Fifth Cessation EPProgressive Sludge Metal
February 03, 2023DeWolffLove, Death & In BetweenClassic Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock[REVIEW]
February 03, 2023Leaving LifeLeaving Life EPDoom Metal
February 03, 2023WytchCryptLe Triangle des DiablesDoom Metal
February 03, 2023Deer LordDark Matter Pt. 1Stoner, Doom Metal
February 03, 2023Dog Chasing SunInner EmigrationStoner, Doom Metal
February 03, 2023BlackwülfThieves and LiarsStoner, Doom
February 03, 2023Plague of CarcosaPale Light and Sunless WaterStoner, Doom Metal
February 03, 2023WuWL’orchaostreAvant-Garde Doom Metal
February 03, 2023Forever AutumnCrowned in Skulls EPNeofolk, Doom
February 03, 2023Jonny Vinter and the GloominessPentagram EPDoom Metal/Rock
February 03, 2023Days Before TomorrowNow and Then Part II: Stories and DreamsProgressive Rock
February 03, 2023Leroy T. BrownThe Yellow KingStoner Metal/Rock
February 03, 2023Sergio RivasA Day In My ConsciousnessHeavy Prog
February 03, 2023We Came From SpaceOverlordsProgressive Rock
February 03, 2023Timeless NecrotearsZeljka – Part 2 EPAvant-Garde/Experimental, Doom Metal
February 03, 2023Clouds Taste SatanicTales Of Demonic PossessionInstrumental Progressive, Post-, Stoner, Doom Metal
February 03, 2023OiapokOisoL​ü​nJazz Prog, Avant-Garde/Experimental[REVIEW]
February 03, 2023Victor SmolskiGuitar ForceProgressive Metal, Avant-Garde
February 03, 2023Free Human ZooThe mysterious islandJazz Prog
February 03, 2023PragmaPragma 2Heavy Prog
February 03, 2023Manna/MirageAutobiographieInstrumental Canterbury Scene
February 03, 2023Laughing StockSongs for the FutureProgressive Rock
February 03, 2023ZoppDominionCanterbury Scene
February 04, 2023C.I.A Hippie Mind ControlAlternative History Volume 3Psychedelic Doom Metal
February 05, 2023Father MoonFMDoom Metal
February 05, 2023Beastial PiglordWhat to Do When Virtue FailsAvant-Garde Sludge, Doom Metal
February 05, 2023Sonic BongSonic BongStoner Metal
February 06, 2023AetherAetherJazz Prog[REVIEW]
February 07, 2023Sigourney WeaverDeciever EPStoner, Sludge Metal
February 07, 2023BayrollesBayrolles EPDoom Metal
February 07, 2023Thunder VoltHigh and LowStoner/Doom Metal
February 08, 2023Altered StatesSurvivalDoom Metal
February 09, 2023Moon LeavesBlood TiesProgressive Metal
February 09, 2023Lords of DustKickin Dust Up EPStoner Metal, Heavy Rock
February 09, 2023Miss MellowMiss MellowKrautrock, Psychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock[REVIEW]
February 09, 2023OiapokOisoLünJazz Prog[REVIEW]
February 10, 2023HevelThe Pattern in the Nameless Mist EPProgressive Metal
February 10, 2023Emperors LairDare Mighty ThingsStoner, Doom Metal, Psychedelic Rock
February 10, 2023CondenadosEl camino de la serpienteStoner, Doom
February 10, 2023SunlessMMXXIII EPDoom Metal
February 10, 2023Pé RotoTormentoStoner, Doom Metal
February 10, 2023SermonTill Birth Do Us PartDoom Metal
February 10, 2023BetelzeusShedding the SkinSludge/Doom Metal
February 10, 2023VeilcastePrecipiceDoom, Sludge Metal
February 10, 2023Buffalo Theory MTLEl Diablo EPDoom, Stoner
February 10, 2023Troll TeethUnderground Vol. 1 EPStoner, Doom Metal/Rock
February 10, 2023Silence EndsSilence Ends EPAtmospheric Doom, Post-Metal
February 10, 2023Emperors LairDare Mighty ThingsStoner, Doom Metal, Psychedelic Rock
February 10, 2023Anvil CrawlerHot Electrifying ColorInstrumental Progressive Metal
February 10, 2023LügerRevelations of the Sacred SkullDoom, Heavy Rock
February 10, 2023eMoleculeThe ArchitectProgressive Rock, Krautrock
February 10, 2023DDENTEx Auditu EPDoom, Post-Rock
February 10, 2023Border’s BurialThanatomorphosis EPSymphonic/Progressive Metal
February 10, 2023EyedrumOmega EPProgressive Metal, Heavy Prog
February 10, 2023CiconiaAnimal ChaptersProgressive Metal, Post-Rock
February 10, 2023Divided by DesignThe Fear of Being ForgottenProgressive Metal
February 10, 2023KloneMeanwhileProgressive Metal, Heavy Prog
February 10, 2023Drug MotherRise WitchStoner Metal/Rock
February 10, 2023Marcos CentenoNativa: Los lobos de la niebla EPStoner
February 11, 2023KruyssenMetanoia (English Version)Progressive Metal
February 11, 2023Simon HovlundThe Preacher The Prophecy And The FireProgressive Rock
February 11, 2023SoulersSix VictimsDoom/Stoner Metal
February 13, 2023Ajana13 Red LakesProgressive Doom Metal
February 14, 2023Wand FightThings Changed When They Started to Follow EPProgressive Doom Metal
February 14, 2023Cryptic WitchSummoningStoner/Doom Metal/Rock
February 14, 2023ThumosSymposiumProgressive Doom/Post-Metal
February 15, 2023Pre-MedIVProgressive/Space Rock
February 15, 2023Kyzyl KumKyzyl KumStoner, Doom Metal
February 15, 2023Future CorpseWorldwide Slum EPProgressive Metal, Heavy Prog
February 16, 2023MeadowsTears In Paradise EPHeavy Prog
February 17, 2023Sono AncientObscurity EPDoom Metal
February 17, 2023Timeless NecrotearsDo She-Droids Dream of Satan?Avant-Garde/Experimental, Doom Metal
February 17, 2023Wizards of HazardsSupernaturalHeavy Rock, Doom
February 17, 2023Eta LuxHigh and LowStoner Metal/Rock
February 17, 2023KishiKhaos EPStoner Metal/Rock
February 17, 2023The AbbeyWord of SinProgressive Doom Metal[REVIEW]
February 17, 2023Jack Harlon & the Dead CrowsHail to the UndergroundStoner, Doom Metal, Psychedelic Rock
February 17, 2023HexerAbyssalDoom
February 17, 2023Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs PigsLand of SleeperDoom/Stoner Metal
February 17, 2023KabinaKabina EPStoner/Doom Metal
February 17, 2023PelegrinWays of AvicennaPsychedelic Rock, Stoner[REVIEW]
February 17, 2023OwlGeomancyHeavy Rock, Stoner, Doom Metal
February 17, 2023Hail the VoidMemento MoriStoner/Doom Metal
February 17, 2023Jack Harlon & the Dead CrowsHail to the UndergroundStoner, Doom Metal, Psychedelic Rock
February 17, 2023The SundialKaliningradProgressive Rock
February 17, 2023Outrun the DayDredge EPStoner Metal
February 17, 2023KlastosRat King EPDoom, Stoner
February 18, 2023Scum GiantSpace Vampire EPStoner/Doom Metal
February 18, 2023SonoSono EPDoom Metal
February 18, 2023Klastos RatKing EPDoom, Stoner Metal
February 18, 2023XagoniaLord VaranusStoner/Doom Metal
February 17, 2023PolymoonChrysalisPsychedelic Rock, Space Rock
February 17, 2023FonderiaDinamoInstrumental Jazz Prog
February 17, 2023The OneSunriseProgressive Rock
February 19, 2023Jack PotterTHORNSSymphonic Prog
February 19, 2023Enoch RootDelusionProgressive Rock
February 20, 2023MörmoNueva RazónStoner, Doom Metal
February 20, 2023The Inner RoadThe Last TempleInstrumental Progressive Rock
February 21, 2023Arcane FocusVolume OnePsychedelic Doom Metal
February 21, 2023Rick MillerAltered StatesAtmospheric Progressive Rock
February 21, 2023Arcane FocusVolume OnePsychedelic Doom Metal
February 21, 2023Rooms of RuinThe Hollow DarkDoom, Stoner Metal
February 22, 2023KhanCreaturesPsychedelic Rock, Stoner, Progressive Rock[REVIEW]
February 22, 2023Feast of the EpiphanySignificanceProgressive Rock
February 22, 2023We Came From SpaceOverlordsProgressive Rock
February 23, 2023WildCardTake from Me What You Cannot Give EPProgressive Metal, Heavy Prog
February 23, 2023Downriver Dead Men GoRuinsAtmospheric Post-Rock
February 23, 2023Gateways to OblivionThe Arcane EquinoxDoom Metal
February 23, 2023Eyes of ArgusHoney’d DreamsDoom/Post-Metal
February 23, 2023PyrokineticShadow Nation EPHeavy Doom Metal
February 23, 2023Ultra VoidMother of DoomStoner, Doom Metal
February 23, 2023Minstrels of SorrowTales of GriefMelodic Doom Metal, Heavy Rock
February 23, 2023Hebi KatanaLive Demo at WildsideStoner, Doom/Heavy Rock
February 24, 2023RedemptionRemember the Dawn EPProgressive Metal
February 24, 2023VarkensstadEthereal PlanesProgressive Metal
February 24, 2023Dead ShrineThe Eightfold PathPsychedelic Stoner, Doom Metal
February 24, 2023PistThe Bleak UnrestStoner Metal
February 24, 2023Moss MotherMoss Mother EPStoner Metal
February 24, 2023MerlockOnward Strides ColossusPsychedelic Stoner Metal
February 24, 2023AstrodeathVol. IIStoner Metal/Rock
February 24, 2023Bone KnifeDeath Looks Good on YouStoner Metal/Rock
February 24, 2023AmbergrisAmbergris EPStoner/Doom Metal
February 24, 2023LightkeeperSons of the Mountain EPDoom Metal
February 24, 2023Slumbering SunThe Ever-living Fire EPDoom Metal
February 24, 2023Dos BrujosL​í​quido IDoom Metal
February 24, 2023Wolves in WinterThe Calling QuietDoom Metal
February 24, 2023AmbergrisAmbergris EPStoner, Doom Metal
February 24, 2023Dead ShrineThe Eightfold PathPsychedelic Stoner, Doom Metal
February 24, 2023MelancholyЧернъProgressive Doom Metal
February 24, 2023KauanATM RevisedPost-Rock
February 24, 2023SifDarkstalker EPDoom Metal
February 24, 2023Downrider Dead Men GoRuinsAtmospheric Post-Rock
February 24, 2023The Resonance ProjectAd AstraInstrumental Progressive Metal
February 24, 2023Rick Wakeman & The English Rock EnsembleA Gallery Of The ImaginationSymphonic Prog
February 24, 2023EndedInto The NothingProgressive Metal
February 24, 2023Mike KeneallyThe Thing That Knowledge Can’t EatProgressive Rock
February 24, 2023Hypno5eSheolAtmospheric Progressive Metal/Rock
February 24, 2023MerlockOnward Strides ColossusPsychedelic Stoner Metal
February 24, 2023MelancholyЧернъDoom, Progressive Metal
February 25, 2023Juglans RegiaNeranotteProgressive Metal, Heavy Prog
February 25, 2023SolfarLight TombDoom/Post-Metal
February 25, 2023Dominic SandersonImpermanenceProgressive Rock
February 25, 2023TritopRise of KassandraProgressive Rock/Metal
February 25, 2023Oblique VisionsOut of DarknessExperimental Progressive Metal
February 25, 2023Oblique VisionsOut of DarknessExperimental Progressive Metal
February 25, 2023Mammoth CaravanIce Cold Oblivion EPDoom, Stoner
February 25, 2023AshenvoidAstral ProphecyEpic Doom Metal
February 25, 2023RiffcovenO Caminho do AçoDoom/Stoner Metal
February 28, 2023Sloth HammerTroops of DoomExperimental, Doom Metal
February 28, 2023The Lumbar EndeavorUnder Sky and Above Ground EPDoom Metal
February 28, 2023Thousand Sun SkyPassengerProgressive Metal

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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