[New Releases] January 2022 new releases

January 01, 2022Frore 5 FourEnd DayAvant-garde/Progressive Metal
January 01, 2022Soniq TheaterCinemagicInstrumental Progressive Rock
January 03, 2022FramauroMy World Is EndingProgressive Rock
January 03, 2022Deaton Lemay ProjectThe Fifth ElementProgressive Rock[REVIEW]
January 04, 2022Faraz AnwarTales of the LunaticsProgressive Metal, Shred
January 05, 2022Toomas VanemIIInstrumental Progressive Metal
January 06, 2022Robert SvilpaFoucault’s PendulumProgressive Rock
January 06, 2022CatalánFirst Stop StationProgressive Metal
January 07, 2022Cody CarpenterBalance of ExtremesInstrumental Progressive Rock
January 07, 2022KarfagenLand of Green and GoldSymphonic Prog[REVIEW]
January 07, 2022WilderunEpigoneProgressive Metal/Rock
January 07, 2022Moon XZap!Instrumental Eclectic, Avant Prog, Fusion[REVIEW]
January 07, 2022Rick MillerOld SoulsAtmospheric Progressive Rock
January 07, 2022Sintesi del viaggio di EsGli alberi di StavropolProgressive Rock[REVIEW]
January 07, 2022ShredxXxCelestial Prophecies, Vol. 1Heavy Prog
January 07, 2022Avidya YaxVales of Eternal MistProgressive Metal
January 07, 2022Seven Nines and TensOver Opiated in a Forest of Whispering SpeakersProgressive/Post-Metal
January 07, 2022V/Haze MiasmaNebula EPProgressive/Post-Metal
January 07, 2022KraftvøidKraftvøidProgressive/Stoner/Doom Metal
January 08, 2022Engrupid PipolEngrupid DivaisProgressive Metal
January 08, 2022SvihelInto the StormMelodic/Progressive Metal
January 09, 2022Flavien Le BaillyDreaming About SpaceHeavy Prog
January 09, 2022Alfa SerenarCobra Sofia E Outras Lendas AmazônicasSymphonic Prog[REVIEW]
January 10, 2022Crypt of InsomniaPrologue to Tetralogy EPProgressive Metal
January 11, 2022EnertronDawn of Dreams EPProgressive Metal
January 11, 2022Stella ErraticArt & ExecutionProgressive Metal
January 11, 2022UsStars In Broad DaylightProgressive Rock[REVIEW]
January 11, 2022Varoshan…and Then the Rains CameProgressive Doom/Post-Metal
January 12, 2022Blue RumbleBlue RumbleProgressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock[REVIEW]
January 12, 2022Liam MorrisonPortalsPsychedelic, Progressive Rock/Metal, Doom[REVIEW]
January 12, 2022Markus ReuterTruce 2Instrumental Experimental, Fusion, Avant Prog
January 12, 2022ProjeKTDivinationsProgressive Metal
January 14, 2022Luca Di GennaroThe 2nd ComingInstrumental Progressive Rock
January 14, 2022Papir7Instrumental Psychedelic, Krautrock[REVIEW]
January 14, 2022ApodaApoda EPProgressive Metal
January 14, 2022XCIIIVoidAvant-Garde/Post-Rock[REVIEW]
January 15, 2022Ossi MaristoArcInstrumental Jazz-Rock, Fusion
January 15, 2022Drifting SunForsaken InnocenceProgressive Rock[REVIEW]
January 15, 2022PyramidValidityProgressive Metal
January 15, 2022Alberto Rigoni with GuestsSongs for SoulsInstrumental Fusion, Progressive Rock
January 17, 2022Kris GietkowskiAnomalous MaterialsInstrumental Progressive Rock
January 17, 2022FraktalMondbesteigungInstrumental Progressive Rock[REVIEW]
January 17, 2022Sintesi Del Viaggio Di EsGli Alberi Di StarvopolRock Progressivo Italiano[REVIEW]
January 17, 2022LastrykoSesjePsychedelic Rock, Space Rock[REVIEW]
January 17, 2022Giant HedgehogIm SielExperimental Progressive Rock[REVIEW]
January 18, 2022SystematicFragile ExistenceProgressive Metal
January 20, 2022J.R.B. SymphonyInceptionMelodic/Progressive Metal
January 20, 2022Sjarp Left TurnBrass ReactorDoom, Heavy Fusion[REVIEW]
January 20, 2022Ivory GatesDevil’s DanceProgressive Metal[REVIEW]
January 21, 2022LaluPaint the SkyHeavy Prog
January 21, 2022Aural CadenceAural CadenceProgressive/Symphonic Metal
January 21, 2022Otis ArcherIII. Famine EPProgressive Sludge/Stoner Metal
January 21, 2022TimelockSygn YnSymphonic Prog, Neo-Prog
January 21, 2022EinseinseinsZweiKrautrock[REVIEW]
January 21, 2022Mud SpencerFuzz SoupStoner, Doom[REVIEW]
January 21, 2022Road TripMerry Go RoundProgressive Rock[REVIEW]
January 21, 2022Retreat From MoscowThe World As We Know ItNeo Prog
January 22, 2022Jonas TamasThe Four Seasons – Part 4: Winter EPProgressive Rock/Metal
January 22, 2022Sky Cries MaryWandering in the VastnessPsychedelic Rock
January 22, 2022NassonScarsProgressive Metal with Gothic influences
January 24, 2022Xavier BoscherSkyscapesInstrumental Progressive Rock/Metal
January 25, 2022AmorphisThe Moon & more EPProgressive Metal/Rock
January 27, 2022TheiconBeyond The Universe Act 1Progressive Rock/Metal[REVIEW]
January 27, 2022Fernie CantoThe Ambassador’s Visit, Part 2Symphonic Prog[REVIEW]
January 28, 2022AmothThe Hour of the WolfProgressive Metal
January 28, 2022ThumosThe RepublicProgressive Doom/Post-Metal
January 28, 2022Toby KnappFrom the AetherTechnical Progressive/Neoclassical Metal/Shred
January 28, 2022BreskA Journey Through The Life Of Peder Balke 1804-1887Progressive Rock[REVIEW]
January 28, 2022Jethro TullThe Zealot GeneFolk Prog[REVIEW]
January 28, 2022Stone House On FireTime Is A RazorPsychedelic Rock[REVIEW]
January 28, 2022Aran Prog ProjectEVO – A Progressive JourneyProgressive Metal[REVIEW]
January 28, 2022Big Big TrainWelcome To The PlanetProgressive Rock[REVIEW]
January 29, 2022CzyszyCzyszySymphonic Prog[REVIEW]
January 30, 2022Marco RagniA Moment Before The Sun Went DownPsychedelic, Space Rock
January 30, 2022Keepers Of the Earth Peace Music RevolutionA Future Past EPPsychedelic Rock, Doom[REVIEW]

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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