[New Releases] January 2023 new releases

January 01, 2023Full CircleSongs from the ApocalypseProgressive Metal
January 01, 2023ObsidianCatch​-​23 EPProgressive Metal, Djent
January 01, 2023Peter RandCheshire GhostsClassic Rock, Progressive Rock
January 01, 2023Ned GreenoughParting DivideProgressive Rock
January 01, 2023The Dark MonarchyChiaroscuroProgressive Metal, Progressive Rock
January 01, 2023Flying CaravanFlying CaravanFolk Prog, Jazz Prog[REVIEW]
January 01, 2023Mark MurdockFalse ReadingsProgressive Rock
January 01, 2023Arnaud BukwaldLa Marmite Cosmique 7 – Uncle BizarreProgressive Rock
January 01, 2023Soniq TheaterRobotronInstrumental Progressive Rock
January 02, 2023Black ExpressionProgressive in my DreamsInstrumental Progressive Rock
January 03, 2023Black Riding HoodInto Imagination EPProgressive Metal
January 04, 2023La Stazione delle FrequenzeChiraleProgressive Rock[REVIEW]
January 05, 2023Quiet ObserverSpace honey EPInstrumental Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock
January 05, 2023Marco RagniInto the Heart of the SunPsychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock
January 06, 2023Otis ArcherIV. Death EPProgressive Sludge, Stoner Metal
January 06, 2023LightThe PathProgressive Rock
January 06, 2023Adarsh ArjunAches And EchoesInstrumental Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal
January 06, 2023The Aaron Clift ExperimentThe Age of MisinformationProgressive Rock
January 07, 2023Mal-ámenBurnt InnocenceProgressive Metal
January 09, 2023SunchildExotic Creatures and a Stolen DreamProgressive Rock
January 10, 2023Sidestepping the SunSynergy EPProgressive Metal
January 10, 2023Brutal AwakeningBrutal AwakeningProgressive Metal
January 10, 2023Vale of AmonitionImmortalizing the Lugubrious, or Those of Evolving DespairProgressive Metal, Doom
January 10, 2023WedingothFive Stars AboveProgressive Metal
January 12, 2023ExistenterSymbols EPProgressive Metal
January 12, 2023Syndrom SamazvancaVostraŭ skarhaŭPsychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock
January 12, 2023LattermathWinter’s PaintingProgressive Metal
January 13, 2023Fractures in the SkyThe Otherside Pt II: The MindProgressive Metal
January 13, 2023AeronwenAeronwenProgressive Metal
January 13, 2023Karma RassaKhmel’Progressive Metal
January 13, 2023EdenyaAnother PlaceProgressive Rock, Folk Prog
January 13, 2023Karma RassaKhmel’Heavy Prog
January 13, 2023Elizabeth The LastTRICIInstrumental Progressive Rock
January 13, 2023Initial MassAlluviumHeavy Prog
January 13, 2023DamanekMaking ShoreProgressive Rock
January 13, 2023SolsticeLight UpProgressive Rock[REVIEW]
January 15, 2023ÐiatharchySentientProgressive Metal
January 16, 2023OverheadTelepathic MindsProgressive Rock
January 18, 2023HakenTaurus EPProgressive Metal, Progressive Rock
January 18, 2023Lazuli11Progressive Rock
January 19, 2023Tom VautourTundran MartyrProgressive Metal
January 20, 2023Tim Sund ElectrifiedThe Future On Our DoorstepInstrumental Progressive Rock, Jazz Prog
January 20, 2023jeffkTARPost-Rock[REVIEW]
January 20, 2023MoonscapeThe Continuum SynergyProgressive Metal
January 20, 2023RiversideID.EntityProgressive Rock
January 20, 2023Great Wide NothingHymns for Hungry Spirits, Vol. IIProgressive Rock
January 20, 2023NolaStrandedProgressive Alternative Metal
January 20, 2023IsobarIsobar IIIInstrumental Progressive Rock[REVIEW]
January 20, 2023Atsuko ChibaWater, It Feels Like It’s GrowingPost-Rock, Progressive Rock[REVIEW]
January 20, 2023MowgliGuele De BoaJazz Rock, Avant-Garde/Experimental[REVIEW]
January 20, 2023Varjo-OrkesteriSeremoniaProgressive Rock
January 20, 2023David Carrol and FriendsBold ReynoldFolk Prog[REVIEW]
January 20, 2023KatatoniaSky Void of StarsProgressive Metal
January 23, 2023ReptilianHeat DeathProgressive Metal
January 26, 2023Mind OverclockCrazy music for weird peopleInstrumental Psychedelic Rock, Space Rock
January 27, 2023Luca ScheraniEverytyhing’s ChangingSymphonic Prog
January 27, 2023Third EyeVengeance FulfilledProgressive Metal
January 27, 2023The Enigma DivisionThe Enigma DivisionProgressive Metal
January 27, 2023Mask of ProsperoHiraethProgressive Metal
January 27, 2023RainRadio SilenceProgressive Rock
January 27, 2023AnasaziCause & ConsequencesProgressive Rock
January 27, 2023The Prog CollectiveSeeking PeaceProgressive Rock
January 27, 2023TNNE (The No Name Experience)Life 3.0Progressive Rock
January 27, 2023Caravela EscarlateIIIProgressive Rock[REVIEW]
January 27, 2023Love GangMeansteakHeavy Rock[REVIEW]
January 27, 2023The OneSunriseProgressive Rock
January 27, 2023BrutalePopulation3 EPProgressive Groove Metal
January 27, 2023FlidaisPathogenProgressive Metal

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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