[New Releases] March 2022 new releases

March 01, 2022SpandrelSpandrelJazz Prog, Fusion[REVIEW]
March 01, 2022SalvaGhost StoryProgressive Rock
March 01, 2022Orchestre CelestiAnarchyAvant-Garde/Experimental[REVIEW]
March 01, 2022Eye of VoidEye of VoidDoom, Stoner
March 01, 2022Orchestre CelestiContraXtInstrumental Progressive Rock
March 01, 2022Kite ParadeThe Way HomeProgressive Rock
March 02, 2022TerrasoundTidal NightsProgressive Metal
March 02, 2022SnowmanIn A Better PlaceProgressive Rock
March 02, 2022Liquid LegacyRed PillsProgressive Metal
March 02, 2022The Centaurs Of AttentionThe Noise These DaysNeo Prog, Rockabilly[REVIEW]
March 02, 2022Inner ProspektGrey OriginProgressive Rock
March 03, 2022ChantriceAngel of MiseryProgressive Metal
March 03, 2022ArtefacTronArtefacTronProgressive Rock
March 03, 2022Dungeon WeedThe Eye of the IcosahedronStoner, Doom
March 03, 2022Dope DefaultDivisionStoner
March 03, 2022Mental FractureDisaccordProgressive Rock/Metal
March 03, 2022WildestThe RoadStoner Southern Metal
March 03, 2022Ghost ToastShade Without ColorInstrumental Progressive Rock/Metal
March 03, 2022WarpstormerHere Comes HellDoom, Stoner
March 04, 2022PH2Season 5Progressive Rock
March 04, 2022Chas CronkLibertyArt Rock
March 04, 2022AgoraMundo Virtual [Live]Progressive Metal
March 04, 2022G.O.L.E.M.Gravitational Objects of Light, Energy and MysticismHeavy Prog[REVIEW]
March 04, 2022Los SuffersQuando a chama se apagaDoom, Stoner
March 04, 2022TransitoryExtragramProgressive Metal
March 04, 2022MuzakSongs From A Lonely PlanetProgressive Rock
March 04, 2022Gu VoGu VoKrautrock, Avant-Garde/Experimental[REVIEW]
March 04, 2022Eclectic Maybe BandAgain Alors?Avant-Garde/Experimental[REVIEW]
March 04, 2022Space WaxIIDoom, Stoner
March 04, 2022MilkboneMilkboneCanterbury Scene
March 04, 2022Art Griffin’s Sound ChaserThe Seven Ages Of StarlightInstrumental Progressive Rock
March 04, 2022Knight AreaD-Day II-The Final ChapterProgressive Rock/Metal
March 04, 2022Tiger Moth TalesA Song Of SpringProgressive Rock
March 04, 2022Joe BaileyDevil in the White CityProgressive Rock
March 04, 2022Mahogany FrogFaustPsychedelic/Jazz Prog
March 04, 2022Robert ReedThe Ringmaster – Part TwoProgressive Rock
March 04, 2022Electric MudThe Inner World OutsideInstrumental Progressive Rock
March 04, 2022Laughing StockZero Acts 3 & 4Art Rock
March 04, 2022MarillionAn Hour Before It’s DarkProgressive Rock
March 04, 2022The Flower KingsBy Royal DecreeProgressive Rock
March 05, 2022Fat Greasy BeastBloom of DoomStoner/Doom
March 06, 2022The GhoastHappy ArmageddonStoner
March 07, 2022Xavier BoscherCosmic VariationsInstrumental Progressive Rock/Metal
March 08, 2022WarCrownWarCrownProgressive Metal, Doom
March 09, 2022TransitoryReality Tunnel Vision Quest EPProgressive Metal
March 09, 2022The DeviceTrip EPPsychedelic Rock, Stoner
March 09, 2022Black WitchLive Bong SongsStoner/Doom
March 11, 2022The Midgard ProjectThe Great DivideProgressive Power Metal
March 11, 2022Prefers to Hide in the DarkBoundless Eternity, Hereafter TormentProgressive Rock
March 11, 2022Haunted ShoresVoidProgressive Metal
March 11, 2022HumanotoneA Flourishing Fall in a Grain of SandStoner, Doom
March 11, 2022JPLSapiens, chapitre 3​/​3: ActumProgressive Rock[REVIEW]
March 11, 2022The Midgard ProjectThe Great DivideProgressive Metal
March 11, 2022Green AsphaltGreen AsphaltProgressive Rock[REVIEW]
March 11, 2022Purple DawnPeace & Doom Session Vol. IIStoner, Doom[REVIEW]
March 11, 2022The Tronosonic ExperienceThe Shadow pt.1Instrumental Jazz-Rock, Fusion
March 11, 2022Space CokeLunacyStoner, Doom
March 11, 2022SoulsplitterConnectionProgressive Metal
March 11, 2022SteelgodsOlitizackProgressive Power Metal
March 11, 2022OddlandVermilionProgressive Metal
March 11, 2022ChewHorsesExperimental, Psychedelic Rock[REVIEW]
March 11, 2022Ex-OrbitIm FlussPsychedelic Rock, Doom
March 11, 2022GlaswegiansQuaternaryProgressive Rock
March 11, 2022Saint KarloffInterstellar Voodoo – Live in OsloPsychedelic Rock, Stoner
March 11, 2022Sûr Solo ProjectSûrrealism EPProgressive Metal, Djent
March 11, 2022SunrunnerSacred Arts of NavigationProgressive Metal[REVIEW]
March 12, 2022AKKTIn a CellProgressive Metal
March 12, 2022HallowedlandTheory of the Quantum LeapProgressive Metal
March 12, 2022Echoes of MadnessIndepth MindProgressive Metal
March 12, 2022AchachakPlanet HashishStoner[REVIEW]
March 12, 2022Stoned GhostThe Year of the HydraProgressive Metal
March 12, 2022Flying FuzzMain St. Music (3​/​12​/​22)Stoner
March 12, 2022TerrasoundAbstract PortraitProgressive Metal
March 12, 2022PsychotectPsychotectProgressive Metal, Stoner
March 12, 2022Iron MountainOf Flesh and BoneStoner, Doom
March 13, 2022Tectonic ShiftsVirgin Earth EPStoner, Doom
March 13, 2022Luís Alberto MachadoCarpe DiemSymphonic Prog[REVIEW]
March 14, 2022Moon HaloTogether AgainProgressive Rock/Pop
March 14, 2022Fallen SymmetryRehenesProgressive Power Metal
March 14, 2022SmokechamberSoul SanctuaryStoner, Doom
March 15, 2022The Trackers featuring Gary Husband & Alf Terje HanaVaudeville 8​:​45Jazz-Rock, Fusion
March 15, 2022Vincenzo Ricca’s The Rome Pro(G)jectCompendium of a LifetimeSymphonic Prog[REVIEW]
March 15, 2022AmorielloPhantom SoundsProgressive Metal
March 16, 2022GodBudOf Cults and LiesDoom
March 17, 2022Di’AulAbracamacabraDoom
March 18, 2022Divided by DesignIrretraceable StepsInstrumental Progressive Metal
March 18, 2022SinverseCosmic PoetryProgressive Metal
March 18, 2022Gravity WellEarthboundStoner
March 18, 2022PlaygroundedThe death of DeathProgressive Rock/Metal
March 18, 2022HerejeBurn!Stoner
March 18, 2022Empire BathtubReturn of the Fuh KingProgressive Metal
March 18, 2022Mount SaturnO, Great MoonStoner
March 18, 2022Divided by DesignIrretraceable StepsProgressive Metal
March 18, 2022Von Hertzen BrothersRed Alert in the Blue ForestAOR, Progressive Rock/Pop
March 18, 2022KarciusGrey White Silver Yellow & GoldProgressive Rock
March 18, 2022Time’s ForgottenShelterProgressive Metal
March 18, 2022Uncle WoePennyfold Haberdashery & Abattoir DeluxeStoner, Doom
March 18, 2022PlaygroundedThe Death of DeathProgressive Metal
March 18, 2022Time’s ForgottenShelterProgressive Metal/Rock
March 18, 2022ManiganceLe bal des ombresProgressive Power Metal
March 18, 2022DanteWinterProgressive Metal
March 18, 2022Firpo ChompeavySmoking 45Stoner Metal[REVIEW]
March 18, 2022WyvernRadiationsProgressive Rock/Metal[REVIEW]
March 19, 2022Gabriel KellerClair ObscurProgressive Rock[REVIEW]
March 19, 2022The Haze PalquiChamanic Palqui Experience EPStoner[REVIEW]
March 19, 2022DanteWinterProgressive Metal
March 20, 2022TalosEl Primer AndroideCanterbury Scene[REVIEW]
March 20, 2022Cherry LakeOn The SwallowHeavy Rock[REVIEW]
March 22, 2022Arrows Against LightningNo Dawn for the Setting Sun EPDoom, Stoner
March 22, 2022Sleeping ChildSupernovian RemnantStoner
March 23, 2022Dream TheaterLost Not Forgotten Archives: Live in NYC 1993Progressive Metal
March 24, 2022PreHistoric AnimalsThe Magical Mystery Machine – Chapter 2Progressive Alternative Rock
March 24, 2022Hernán CiriglianoInvisible Wavelengths EPProgressive Metal
March 24, 2022AcidemiaMórbido EPStoner
March 24, 2022MarijannahMusic from and Inspired by GiantLands EPPsychedelic Rock, Doom
March 24, 2022La Cruna Del LagoSchiere Di SudditiRock Progressivo Italiano[REVIEW]
March 25, 2022Kaprekar’s ConstantThe Murder WallFolk Prog[REVIEW]
March 25, 2022SaharaIII: Hell on EarthStoner, Doom
March 25, 2022Stone MerrickTo the End of the SkyProgressive Metal
March 25, 2022Michael RomeoWar of the Worlds, Part 2Progressive Rock/Metal
March 25, 2022Animals As LeadersParrhesiaInstrumental Technical Progressive Metal/Rock
March 25, 2022Day of DepartureDay of DepartureProgressive Post Rock/Metal
March 25, 2022Cosmic DebrisCosmic DebrisPsychedelic Rock, Stoner[REVIEW]
March 25, 2022YôkaïCoup De GrâceSpace Rock, Krautrock[REVIEW]
March 25, 2022Mahogany FrogFaustPsychedelic Rock, Fusion
March 25, 2022The Tronosonic ExperienceThe Shadow pt.2Instrumental Jazz-Rock, Fusion
March 25, 2022Subspace RadioAikaProgressive Rock
March 26, 2022Akashic HazeHashteroid EPStoner, Doom
March 27, 2022AchymerDestiny Behind the ScenesProgressive Metal
March 28, 2022Grave Next DoorSanctified HeathenStoner, Doom
March 29, 2022Desolate DreamsNo LifeProgressive Metal
March 29, 2022FuzztronautAt Day’s End EPStoner, Doom
March 29, 2022Zombie RodeoThe Eyes Are Set upon You EPDoom, Stoner
March 30, 2022Øresund Space CollectiveOily Echoes of the SoulInstrumental Psychedelic, Space Rock
March 30, 2022SevenRNRProgressive Metal
March 30, 2022RifftreeRifftreeStoner, Doom
March 31, 2022Robert SvilpaTo Sleep Perchance to DreamProgressive Rock
March 31, 2022Tales Of A Liquid DawnMorningDoom, Psychedelic Progressive Metal[REVIEW]

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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