[New Releases] March 2023 new releases

March 01, 2023Oakum Felts1923 EPDoom
March 01, 2023King of UndeathMedusa’s GraspDoom
March 01, 2023ThreeThreeDoom, Heavy Rock
March 02, 2023Der Mancha RedDer Mancha Red EPDoom, Post-Metal
March 02, 2023Parham GharavaisiP4r4syte​-​CoreMelodic Gothic/Doom Metal
March 02, 2023Inner ProspektCanvas ThreeSymphonic Prog
March 03, 2023One Shot111Instrumental Progressive Rock, Jazz Prog
March 03, 2023HamaSaariIneffableProgressive Rock/Metal
March 03, 2023KongTraders of TruthProgressive Metal
March 03, 2023Father MourningSeasonal DepressionDoom
March 03, 2023PoiL UedaPoiL UedaAvant-Garde, Folk Prog[REVIEW]
March 03, 2023Stoned JesusFather LightStoner, Doom, Heavy Prog
March 03, 2023Single Celled OrganismEvent HorizonProgressive Rock
March 03, 2023VakaraMythos EPStoner
March 03, 2023A.C.TFalling EPProgressive Rock
March 03, 2023Witch RipperThe Flight After the FallStoner
March 03, 2023Nine AltarsThe Eternal PenanceDoom
March 03, 2023Bastard SwordBastard Sword ΙStoner, Doom
March 03, 2023KaskadeurPhantom VibrationsPsychedelic Progressive Rock
March 03, 2023Barren HeirDied DownDoom
March 03, 2023Ángel OntalvaA Haunted, Hidden World of CavesInstrumental Progressive Rock, Jazz Prog
March 03, 2023Albinö RhinoReturn to the CoreDoom
March 03, 202371TonManOf End TimesDoom
March 03, 2023EvilLeafSlow Burn EPDoom, Stoner
March 03, 2023Funeral VoidTo Forever Misery BoundGothic Doom
March 03, 2023RodtGodGraveside Service EPDoom
March 03, 2023TemptressSeeDoom, Stoner
March 03, 2023Hosers in SpaceDrunk in OrbitProgressive Doom Metal
March 03, 2023The Old OnesCaravan to Midnight EPDoom, Stoner
March 03, 2023HakenFaunaProgressive Metal/Rock[REVIEW]
March 03, 2023LunarThe IllusionistProgressive Metal/Rock
March 03, 2023Abel SequeraSoundscapesProgressive Metal, Djent
March 03, 2023EnslavedHeimdalProgressive Metal
March 03, 2023L’Ira del BaccanoCosmic Evoked PotentialsDoom, Psychedelic/Space Rock
March 03, 2023CromlechAscent of KingsDoom
March 03, 2023Bong CoffinThe End Beyond DoubtStoner, Doom
March 03, 2023Witchthroat SerpentTrove of Oddities at the Devil’s DrivewayStoner, Doom
March 03, 2023LittuAccolti Da Antiche RadiciAtmospheric Doom, Post-Rock
March 03, 2023Timeless NecrotearsGoldstar Watch EPAvant-Garde, Doom
March 05, 2023Hope HoleBeautiful DoomDoom
March 05, 2023SlugWeedWe Met in the Astral Plane EPStoner, Doom
March 06, 2023Man or MakerSummer Gaze EPStoner, Post-Metal
March 07, 2023AivvassOccult Rites I EPFolk, Doom
March 07, 2023AivvassOccult Rites II EPFolk, Doom
March 07, 2023Echo UsInland EmpireProgressive Rock
March 07, 2023We Follow the EarthLightbearerDoom
March 07, 2023FiktívSzellemkép EPStoner Metal/Rock
March 08, 2023Buffalo Bud BusterXX EPStoner Metal/Rock
March 08, 2023ReznSolacePsychedelic Doom/Stoner Metal
March 08, 2023LachlannBliss in the Abyss EPDoom, Stoner Metal
March 08, 2023NepenthesGrand GuignolDoom
March 08, 2023Karma Bloody KarmaAscend EPDoom, Post-Metal
March 08, 2023LachlannBliss in the Abyss EPDoom, Stoner
March 08, 2023ReznSolacePsychedelic Doom, Stoner
March 08, 2023SoutoOn​í​ricoInstrumental Progressive Rock
March 10, 2023 Kitchen SinkClandestinyProgressive Rock
March 10, 2023AbhcanBuild & Break EPProgressive Metal
March 10, 2023Ice AgeWaves of Loss and PowerProgressive Metal
March 10, 2023PeripheryPeriphery V: Djent Is Not A GenreProgressive Metal
March 10, 2023ElémentsNouvelle ÈreProgressive Metal
March 10, 2023Cripta BlueRather with the Devil EPPsychedelic Doom Metal
March 10, 2023IsoleAnesidoraEpic Doom Metal
March 10, 2023DirgeDirgeDoom Metal
March 10, 2023ReaversunSwashbuckler EPStoner, Doom Metal
March 10, 2023Santo RostroDespu​é​s no habrá nadaDoom, Stoner Metal
March 10, 2023Stoned BeholderThe 1st Age of Smoke EPDoom, Stoner Metal
March 10, 2023Goat ExplosionThreatening SkiesDoom, Stoner Metal
March 10, 2023HåndgemengUltraritualStoner Metal
March 11, 2023AeurtumWaves of Stone EPMelodic Doom Metal
March 11, 2023 Continent of NomadsOne Last Warning EPDoom Metal
March 11, 2023Electric TombSavage Warrior EPDoom Metal
March 12, 2023Solemn SilenceOf Pebbles and BouldersProgressive Metal
March 13, 2023The Waking Sleeper BandPlanetariumProgressive Rock
March 13, 2023Yossi Sassi & the Oriental Rock OrchestraPrediluvianOriental Progressive Rock
March 13, 2023Thomas FrattiTemps SuspenduProgressive Rock/Metal
March 14, 2023Doug the EagleRobots and Other PeopleProgressive Rock
March 14, 2023FramauroAlea Iacta EstNeo-Prog
March 14, 2023Kite ParadeRetroProgressive Rock
March 14, 2023Parte de NadaAtacan los monstruosPsychedelic Stoner, Doom Metal
March 15, 2023For CenturiesBefore the Eyes of Doom (Per Sæcula Sæculorum)Epic Doom Metal
March 15, 2023InterhellInterhellStoner, Doom Metal
March 15, 2023Flesh WalrusSaurian SlavesStoner, Doom Metal
March 15, 2023AscherBeginningsProgressive Rock
March 15, 2023Old Rock City OrchestraIpsilonProgressive Rock
March 15, 2023GodlessDescent Hazy Path of DoomStoner Metal/Rock
March 16, 2023ArcanicaElemental EPProgressive Metal
March 16, 2023Perc3ptionArt in Extreme SituationsProgressive/Power Metal
March 16, 2023Perc3ptionArt In Extreme SituationsProgressive Power Metal
March 16, 2023Thirteen of EverythingTime and Other DelusionsSymphonic Prog
March 17, 2023RedemptionI Am the StormProgressive Metal
March 17, 2023DoomcultFailure of LifeDoom Metal
March 17, 2023BleiLastDoom Metal
March 17, 2023Desolate RealmLegionsDoom Metal
March 17, 2023IkarieArdeDoom, Post-Metal
March 17, 2023Wind from the ValleyA Growing Wound of Yearning EPDoom, Post-Metal
March 17, 2023Die like GentlemenHard TruthsProgressive Doom Metal
March 17, 2023Green YetiNecropolitanPsychedelic Rock, Stoner, Doom Metal
March 17, 2023[STÖMB]Massive Disturbed Meta ArtInstrumental Progressive Metal
March 17, 2023Pressure PointsThe IslandProgressive Metal
March 17, 2023Witches TearsLiving with FearPsychedelic Stoner, Doom Metal
March 17, 2023FargoGeliInstrumental Progressive Post-Rock/Metal[REVIEW]
March 17, 2023Die like GentlemenHard TruthsProgressive Doom Metal
March 17, 2023Sad SerenityThe Grand EnigmaProgressive Rock/Metal
March 17, 2023RPWLCrime SceneProgressive Rock
March 17, 2023¡Pendejo!VolcánStoner, Doom Metal/Rock
March 17, 2023KamelotThe AwakeningProgressive/Melodic Power Metal
March 17, 2023Mice on StiltsI Am Proud of YouFolk Prog
March 17, 2023Die HighReefer MadnessStoner Metal
March 17, 2023The Astral ProphetsAnywhere but Here EPStoner Metal
March 17, 2023Jason BlakeSubsequent RuinsInstrumental Progressive Rock/Metal
March 17, 2023Die HighTruckin’ Hell EPStoner Metal
Metal March 18, 2023King of UndeathKing of UndeathDoom
March 19, 2023RåmpageAsgardProgressive Power Metal
March 20, 2023MementoPraise the Sanctity of Doom • Laus Sanctitas DamnatioDoom Metal
March 20, 2023SlugWeedElectric EPDoom, Post-Metal
March 20, 2023Kinetic ElementChasing The Lesser LightProgressive Rock
March 20, 2023SoulersLonging for the Keys of TimeDoom, Stoner Metal
March 20, 2023The Sleeping LegionThe Last TransmissionDoom, Stoner Metal/Rock
March 20, 2023Samuli FederleyStormylizedProgressive Metal
March 21, 2023Solen SvanNorthern SongsDoom, Gothic Metal
March 21, 2023OpsisEnd Of LightPsychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock[REVIEW]
March 21, 2023Crystal WarlockGrim EquinoxStoner Metal/Rock
March 22, 2023Scorched MoonObsidiaProgressive Metal
March 22, 2023Serpentine CerberusAt the End of an AgeDoom Metal
March 22, 2023Gecko & Tokage ParadeHeart of TokageInstrumental Jazz Prog
March 22, 2023SymphressFather Time (Part I)Progressive Rock/Metal
March 22, 2023Scorched MoonObsidiaProgressive Metal
March 23, 2023Claudio DelgiftScenesProgressive Rock
March 23, 2023MargaritaMargarita EPDoom, Post-Metal
March 23, 2023ЧёртоИванШ​а​м​а​н EPDoom Metal
March 23, 2023Death Naturath…from the starry sky EPStoner Rock
March 24, 2023ApoxiomenIliumProgressive Metal
March 24, 2023KosmVacancies EPProgressive Metal
March 24, 2023KarfagenBirds: Passage to the Forest of MysteriousSymphonic Prog
March 24, 2023Ne ObliviscarisExulProgressive Metal
March 24, 2023Asylum PyreCall Me Inhuman – The Sun – The Fight – Part 5Progressive/Power Metal
March 24, 2023Orchestra of the Upper AtmosphereΘ6Avant-Garde/Experimental, Canterbury Scene
March 24, 2023ApoxiomeNIliumProgressive Metal Opera
March 24, 2023The Black Cat’s EyeThe Empty Space Between A Seamount And Shock​-​Headed JuliaInstrumental Psychedelic, Space Rock[REVIEW]
March 24, 2023Marco BernardThe Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow UpProgressive Rock
March 24, 2023IhsahnFascination Street Sessions EPExperimental Progressive Metal/Rock
March 24, 2023Epic DownEquinox Pt.1 EPDoom Metal
March 24, 2023WizdoomTrolldoom EPEpic Doom Metal
March 24, 2023Acid KingBeyond VisionDoom, Stoner Metal
March 24, 2023Las TrumienGłód zabijaniaDoom Metal
March 24, 2023Iron WalrusTales Never ToldDoom
March 24, 2023MDXXMDXXDoom Metal
March 24, 2023Mean GreenMean GreenStoner, Doom Metal
March 24, 2023The RhubarbSymptom of FailureStoner, Doom Metal
March 24, 2023ApodemusAtlasStoner Metal/Rock
March 24, 2023Les DunesLes DunesInstrumental Post-Rock[REVIEW]
March 24, 2023Morass of MolassesEnd All We KnowStoner Metal/Rock
March 24, 2023SteinerFirst Contact EPStoner Metal/Rock
March 24, 2023XysmaNo Place like AloneStoner Rock
March 24, 2023Welcome to HolylandOminousDoom Metal
March 24, 2023Cooling TowerSaint VitusDoom Metal, Heavy Rock
March 25, 2023Crypt of InsomniaOde to Decay EPProgressive Metal
March 25, 2023Black eXpressionForgotten KingInstrumental Progressive Rock/Metal
March 27, 2023OverheadTelepathic MindsProgressive Rock
March 27, 2023AvalanchEl dilema EPProgressive/Power Metal
March 28, 2023DoggodDawn EPStoner Metal
March 29, 2023CraterDegenerate EPDoom Metal
March 30, 2023Black Death WishVolume 2Doom, Stoner Metal/Rock
March 31, 2023SuspiriorumSuspiriorum EPHeavy Prog[REVIEW]
March 31, 2023Acid MothAcid Moth EPStoner, Doom Metal
March 31, 2023Lampr3aESnSEProgressive Metal
March 31, 2023LiquorworksParasitus ApparatusProgressive Metal
March 31, 2023AsterismAside EPProgressive Metal
March 31, 2023Die Ego74 Days Staring At The Void EPDoom Metal
March 31, 2023Megalith LevitationObscure FireStoner, Doom Metal
March 31, 2023AllfatherA Violent TruthDoom Metal
March 31, 2023VedaliaCormorantProgressive/Power Metal
March 31, 2023Funeral NoiseMerciless Ways EPStoner, Doom Metal
March 31, 2023The AdekaemAll The DreamsNeo-Prog
March 31, 2023The EvilSeven Acts to ApocalypseDoom, Stoner Metal
March 31, 2023WyndRiderWyndRiderStoner, Doom Metal
March 31, 2023Crown LandsFearlessProgressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock[REVIEW]
March 31, 2023Edredon SensibleMontagne ExplosionFree Jazz, Avant-Garde/Experimental[REVIEW]
March 31, 2023The DeviceEast EPPsychedelic Stoner, Doom Metal
March 31, 2023Legacy PilotsHelixProgressive Rock
March 31, 2023Blue DawnReflections from an Unseen WorldDoom Metal, Heavy Rock
March 31, 2023OverheadTelepathic MindsProgressive Rock[REVIEW]
March 31, 2023Mount AtlasPoseidonStoner Metal
March 31, 2023Billie Bottle’s Temple of ShibbolethBillie Bottle’s Temple of ShibbolethProgressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock
March 31, 2023IsaakHeyStoner Metal/Rock
March 31, 2023Swan Valley HeightsTerminal ForestStoner, Doom Metal/Rock
March 31, 2023Desert StormDeath RattleSouthern, Stoner Metal/Rock
March 31, 2023One Shot111Instrumental Progressive Rock, Jazz Prog

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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