[New Releases] March 2024 new releases

March 01, 2024Notion BlueOut Of ExileProgressive Rock
March 01, 2024AzellDeath ControlDoom
March 01, 2024Metro SocietyThe London Conspiracy Chapter I 1898Progressive Metal
March 01, 2024Clouds Taste Satanic79 A.E.Doom
March 01, 2024Felix MartinThe GatheringJazz Prog, Fusion
March 01, 2024Big Big TrainThe Likes Of UsProgressive Rock[REVIEW]
March 01, 2024Saturnalia TempleParadigm CallStoner/Doom
March 01, 2024MagoriaHollingsworth MansionProgressive Metal/Rock
March 01, 2024TriacsHangman EPProgressive Metal/Rock
March 01, 2024SnöwyAscent EPStoner/Doom
March 01, 2024Long Tall JSolidarityProgressive Rock
March 01, 2024Metro SocietyThe London Conspiracy Chapter I 1898Progressive Rock/Metal Opera
March 01, 2024Cloud PeopleSimulacraProgressive Rock
March 01, 2024Venus LoonPandora’s ParadoxProgressive Rock
March 01, 2024Rick MillerOne Of The ManyProgressive Rock
March 01, 2024Catalyst*RPace Of ChangeProgressive Rock
March 01, 2024Projekt GemineyeWhat’s On Your Mind?Progressive Rock/Metal
March 01, 2024Ned GreenoughWinter’s WayProgressive Rock
March 01, 2024SaqqarahThe RunawayProgressive Rock
March 01, 2024OmniriumOmnirium 2Progressive Metal
March 02, 2024King of UndeathSongs from the Depths of Haunting DarknessDoom
March 02, 2024TiyrisBroken 24 EPProgressive Metal
March 02, 2024SlothtronautFour Rounds of Free Form EPStoner/Doom
March 03, 2024Intimate PlanA Surfacing LifeProgressive Rock
March 03, 2024HierofanteVol. 2Stoner/Doom
March 04, 2024ObserversThe Age of the Machine EntitiesDoom, Progressive Metal
March 04, 2024Deathrite ShamanDeathriteDoom
March 04, 2024Blood BurnerInto the Darkness EPStoner/Doom Metal/Rock
March 05, 2024Head SpinRefractorProgressive Metal
March 05, 2024R’lyehStairs to the Abyss EPStoner/Doom
March 06, 2024Sun God MotelDissolve:ReformProgressive Rock/Metal
March 07, 2024ArgoviaWho We AreProgressive Rock/Metal
March 07, 2024SigmantraHallucinogenic EPStoner/Doom
March 07, 2024The Bardic DepthsWhat We Really Like In StoriesProgressive Rock
March 07, 2024Whisper InsideЗов из темнотыSymphonic/Progressive Doom Metal
March 08, 2024RhùnTozzosZeuhl, Avant-Prog
March 08, 2024DiscernmentTo LeaveProgressive Metal
March 08, 2024Early MoodsA Sinner’s PastDoom
March 08, 2024Neil CampbellThe Smoky GodProgressive Rock
March 08, 2024Garden of SoulsAnam CaraProgressive Metal
March 08, 2024Midas FallCold Waves Divide UsProgressive Post-Rock
March 08, 2024PantheïstKings Must Die EPProgressive Doom
March 08, 2024VicinityVIIIProgressive Metal
March 08, 2024Doofus Dingus MagusFilthy WizardsPsychedelic Doom
March 08, 2024Nick JohnstonChild of BlissProgressive Rock
March 08, 2024Cosmic LordEclipseStoner/Doom
March 08, 2024Born in ExileArcane XIII EPProgressive Metal
March 08, 2024DaytripperBook I: The TripStoner/Doom
March 08, 2024AvaruusasemaKilonovaProgressive Rock
March 08, 2024Uncle WoeOblivion and Further DisasterStoner/Doom
March 08, 2024NotioWorldviewProgressive Metal
March 08, 2024Goat MajorRitualStoner/Doom Rock
March 08, 2024TurbulenceBinary DreamProgressive Metal/Rock
March 08, 2024EcclesiaEcclesia MilitansDoom
March 08, 2024MyrathKarmaProgressive Folk Metal
March 08, 2024Gravel GrowerBreachStoner/Doom
March 08, 2024HydraInto the Night EPStoner/Doom
March 08, 2024WitchmythWitchmythProgressive Post-Metal
March 08, 2024NexusThe StarbornProgressive Metal
March 08, 2024Pia IsaBurning Time EPPsychedelic Stoner/Doom
March 09, 2024FroglordLive by the Fuzz or Die by the Slime EPDoom
March 09, 2024OrnaIn This Final HourProgressive Post-Rock, Progressive Metal
March 09, 2024SaturnistProphets EPStoner/Doom
March 10, 2024The Applause MuseumAnachronisticaArt Rock, Neo Prog
March 10, 2024ShadowpathThe Aeon DiscordanceSymphonic Progressive Metal
March 13, 2024ItusMesozoic EPDoom
March 13, 2024PerilymphProgressions ImaginairesPsychedelic Progressive Rock
March 13, 2024Death of AntaresAscendingProgressive Metal
March 13, 2024Naoki MoriokaModernize EPProgressive Metal
March 14, 2024Moses TalbotThe ReasonProgressive Rock
March 14, 2024SeracrusisShame Reimagined (10 Year Anniversary Redux Edition) EPProgressive Metal
March 14, 2024LightThe Engine Of The WorldProgressive Rock
March 15, 2024BitterduskGuardián del valleDoom
March 15, 2024Whom Gods DestroyInsaniumProgressive Metal
March 15, 2024An Odyssey to the EndAnother DayProgressive Metal
March 15, 2024Lucifer WasEn Fix Ferdig MannHeavy Prog
March 15, 2024The Progressive Souls CollectiveSonic RebirthProgressive Metal
March 15, 2024Mark Wingfield feat. Gary Husband, Asaf Sirkis, Tony Levin, Percy JonesThe GatheringJazz Prog
March 15, 2024DionysiaqueDiogonosDoom
March 15, 2024Elephants of ScotlandBrains!Progressive Rock
March 15, 2024The MoorOmbraProgressive Metal/Rock
March 15, 2024Marcin PajakIn The SpaceProgressive Rock
March 15, 2024Kult IkonBlack Iron PrisonDoom
March 15, 2024UbermodoSo Very Far From HomeProgressive Rock, Space Rock
March 15, 2024ApathistBred in CaptivityProgressive Metal, Heavy Prog
March 15, 2024MalstenThe Haunting of Silvåkra Mill – Rites of PassageDoom
March 15, 2024AlmoReconciliationProgressive Metal
March 15, 2024Остатки Былых ЦивилизацийОстатки былых цивилизацийDoom
March 15, 2024Ogres Of The South WallCicada – The Lost AlbumProgressive Rock
March 15, 2024Mountain of MiseryThe LandPsychedelic Doom
March 15, 2024The Prog CollectiveDark EncountersProgressive Rock
March 15, 2024Leather LungGraveside GrinStoner/Doom
March 15, 2024The Prophets of ZarquonFloodplainFolk Prog
March 15, 2024O Zorn!Vermillion HazeDoom Metal/Rock
March 15, 2024BongzillaDabbing (Live) Rosin in EuropeStoner/Doom
March 15, 2024TriplicityOnibabaJazz Prog
March 15, 2024SnailThou Art There: Live at the Obelisk All-dayerPsychedelic Stoner/Doom
March 15, 2024Iterum NataFrom the Infinite LightProgressive Psychedelic Folk Rock
March 15, 2024AzagothEsperando el Sue​ñ​o Eterno (La Carta) EPDoom
March 15, 2024Night VersesEvery Sound Has a Color in the Valley of NightProgressive Post-Metal/Rock
March 15, 2024Full EarthCloud SculptorsPsychedelic Stoner, Progressive Rock
March 16, 2024Vipsul PhersuThe Book of SignesDoom
March 17, 2024HekateHouse of SolomonDoom Metal/Rock
March 20, 2024WitherfallWhen it All Falls Away EPProgressive Metal
March 20, 2024ProAgePurgatoriumProgressive Rock
March 20, 2024Black PriestFatalDoom
March 20, 2024Generic Doom Band NameAcoustic CoversDoom
March 20, 2024Generic Doom Band NameStaff of FireDoom
March 20, 2024Sean Ono LennonAsterismsProgressive Rock, Jazz, Psychedelic Rock
March 20, 2024DruidessHermits & Mandrakes EPPsychedelic Doom Metal/Rock
March 21, 2024UnFacedNielicowani 2Progressive Metal
March 21, 2024Pale CremationAt Calling Death EPStoner/Doom
March 22, 2024Voyager-XMagicProgressive Rock/Metal
March 22, 2024Fractures in the SkyMonolith of AvariceProgressive Metal
March 22, 2024Drifting SunVeilProgressive Rock
March 22, 2024Zombie HungerZombie HungerDoom
March 22, 2024For All We KnowBy Design Or By DisasterProgressive Rock/Metal
March 22, 2024SpectrumGuerra InteriorProgressive Metal
March 22, 2024StandardsFruit GalaxyProgressive Rock
March 22, 2024Matteo BonfattiDoppelgangerProgressive Metal
March 22, 2024HashtronautNo ReturnStoner/Doom
March 22, 2024ZombiDirect InjectProgressive Rock
March 22, 2024Jon DurantMomentarilyJazz Prog
March 22, 2024Alpha LyræAlpha LyræDoom, Post-Metal
March 22, 2024Innocence LostOblivionSymphonic Progressive MetalMarch 22nd, 2024
March 22, 2024DaevarAmber EyesStoner/Doom
March 22, 2024NinemiAWeapons of Math DestructionProgressive Metal
March 22, 2024CarpetCollisionProgressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock
March 22, 2024Pleasant ValleyFuzz WarStoner/Doom
March 22, 2024Clan Aldo PinelliNordiska VattenProgressive Rock
March 22, 2024Poor Genetic MaterialPossibilitiesProgressive Rock
March 22, 2024Sonic WolvesIIIStoner/Doom Metal/Rock
March 22, 2024The Prog CollectiveDark EncountersProgressive Rock
March 22, 2024Stone CreamBones ‘n BluesStoner/Doom Metal/Rock
March 22, 2024YobrepusRhizome Revolution – Part 1Progressive Rock Opera
March 22, 2024The WizardsThe Exit GardenStoner/Doom Metal/Rock
March 23, 2024Bob SalibaHosts Of A Vanished WorldProgressive Rock/Metal
March 24, 2024It Bites FDReturn To NaturalProgressive Rock
March 24, 2024VarkensstadHereafterProgressive Metal
March 25, 2024Mortem CrucisThe Coffin RideDoom
March 25, 2024AbyaPrayer of Chaos EPSymphonic Progressive Metal
March 26, 2024Doug the EagleEncyclopedia DraconicaProgressive Rock
March 27, 2024CommonerA Commoner’s QuestDoom
March 27, 2024Peter SwartMIGRATIONProgressive Rock
March 28, 2024Flat Earth SocietyThe OneAvant Prog
March 28, 2024DirewolfDirewolfDoom
March 28, 2024Leonard KopilasThe Third AlternativeProgressive Metal/Rock
March 28, 2024Blue DazeBlue Daze EPStoner/Doom Metal/Rock
March 28, 2024Amyr AbadawnNebula LamentSymphonic Progressive Metal
March 28, 2024Sons of Alpha CentauriPullStoner/Progressive Metal
March 29, 2024Mind’s MirrorsForever Is Not Nearly Long EnoughProgressive Metal
March 29, 2024Magick Brother & Mystic SisterTarot, Part IPsychedelic Rock, Canterbury Scene
March 29, 2024Francesco and The Black SwansLa Vie en RoseProgressive Rock
March 29, 2024Sorrow SphereDemonotheismDoom
March 29, 2024Unleash The TapirUnleash The TapirProgressive Rock/Metal
March 29, 2024AsciaThe Wandering WarriorStoner/Doom
March 29, 2024Ivory TowerHeavy RainProgressive Metal
March 29, 2024Presentthis is NOT the endAvant Prog
March 29, 2024TernariumTernarium EPProgressive/Stoner Metal
March 29, 2024Slow GreenThing Wetterwarte / WaltherstrasseStoner/Doom
March 29, 2024MuhūrtaTamasProgressive Folk Metal
March 29, 2024Squirrel DesecratorSquirrel DesecratorPsychedelic Doom
March 29, 2024ArcansielHard TimesProgressive Rock
March 29, 2024Shadow LimbReclaimProgressive/Stoner Metal
March 29, 2024Confirmation BiasCentury MorningsProgressive Rock/Metal
March 29, 2024CancervoIIIPsychedelic Stoner/Doom Metal/Rock
March 30, 2024SvihelDreams at DawnProgressive Metal
March 30, 2024Brackenwood CovenB.C EPDoom
March 30, 2024OrbisAd AstraStoner/Doom
March 31, 2024Leviathan ProjectMCMLXXXIIProgressive Metal
March 31, 2024ZadushkaWielkhi tydzieńExperimental Doom
March 31, 2024SerpentfyreThe Council of the Dragon EPStoner/Doom

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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