[New Releases] May 2024 new releases

May 01, 2024Kimara SajnWayfindingProgressive Rock
May 01, 2024Patchwork CacophonyHourglassProgressive Rock
May 01, 2024Karl EisenhartLessonsProgressive Rock
May 01, 2024MethexisPotential DeltasProgressive Rock, Folk Prog
May 02, 2024Burial Beyond the SeaSmoldering RemainsStoner/Doom
May 02, 2024White HatLive in the Astral ChamberPsychedelic Doom Metal
May 03, 2024DjiinMirrorsPsychedelic Rock, Stoner, Doom, Heavy Prog[REVIEW] [VIDEO REVIEW]
May 03, 2024Ghost on MarsOut of Time and SpaceProgressive Metal
May 03, 2024BismarckVourukashaStoner/Doom
May 03, 2024Tu-NerT2: Tu​-​Ner for LoversAvant-Garde/Experimental, Progressive Rock
May 03, 2024Black PyramidThe Paths of Time Are VastStoner/Doom
May 03, 2024WheelCharismatic LeadersProgressive Metal
May 03, 2024SpaceslugOut of WaterPsychedelic Doom Metal
May 03, 2024RefestramusIntour​í​stProgressive Rock[REVIEW] [VIDEO REVIEW]
May 03, 2024BrumeMartenStoner/Doom
May 03, 2024Benjamin CroftWe Are Here To HelpProgressive Rock
May 03, 2024SlumpDust EPStoner/Doom
May 03, 2024John Tyler KentFamiliar Lights In New PlacesProgressive Rock
May 03, 2024State of Non ReturnWhite InkPsychedelic Stoner/Doom
May 03, 2024Space MirrorsInterplanetary Oddities and ConnectionsSpace rock, Psychedelic Rock
May 03, 2024AmmonoidPierce the Veil EPProgressive Doom Metal
May 03, 2024Ben BarukCosmogonyProgressive Metal
May 03, 2024FeverhawkNegative Space EPDoom, Heavy Rock
May 03, 2024Absolute ElsewherePlaygroundProgressive Rock[REVIEW] [VIDEO REVIEW]
May 03, 2024AgusaNoirPsychedelic Rock, Folk Prog
May 03, 2024KenopsiaVacant Augur EPProgressive Doom, Post-Metal
May 03, 2024The Elephant In The RoomSundogProgressive Metal
May 03, 2024ResuscitateImmortality ComplexProgressive Metal
May 03, 2024Magician’s RedEndless YearningProgressive Rock
May 03, 2024Gerald Gradwohl… Or What?Jazz Prog
May 04, 2024CelesteEchi di un Futuro PassatoRock Progressivo Italiano
May 04, 2024Sun Moon Holy CultSun Moon Holy CultPsychedelic Stoner/Doom
May 05, 2024Armoury WayThe RamNeo Prog
May 05, 2024Serpent CobraMetal DisasterStoner/Doom
May 06, 2024It Will LastMankindProgressive Metal
May 07, 2024ProgosaurusProgosaurusProgressive Rock, Jazz Prog
May 08, 2024Nino HelfrichShadow EmpressProgressive Metal
May 09, 2024MethodicaHypocricityProgressive Metal
May 09, 2024HaishenAwaken the Endless DeepProgressive Metal
May 09, 2024CynicCynic | Audiotree from Nothing EPProgressive Rock
May 10, 2024Mandoki SoulmatesA Memory Of Our FutureProgressive Rock, Jazz Prog
May 10, 2024IvanhoeHealed by the SunProgressive Metal
May 10, 2024The TangentTo Follow PolarisProgressive Rock
May 10, 2024The HazytonesWild FeverPsychedelic Doom Metal
May 10, 2024Oliver WakemanAnam CaraFolk prog
May 10, 2024OrbiumOuroborosProgressive Stoner/Doom Metal
May 10, 2024Uncle Acid and the DeadbeatsNell’ ora bluPsychedelic Rock, Doom
May 10, 2024Funhouse MirrorsRed BirdProgressive Rock Opera
May 10, 2024Binary CreedLeash of NoiseProgressive Metal
May 10, 2024StonebrideSmiles RevolutionaryStoner Rock/Metal
May 11, 2024Udal CuainNo One Falls like a GodProgressive Metal
May 12, 2024Astral AzifTales of MadnessPsychedelic Stoner/Doom
May 13, 2024Merging ClusterPeak of ephemeral lightProgressive Rock
May 13, 2024Gravity RainThere Is No Past EPProgressive Metal
May 13, 2024FuzzfiendFuzzfiendStoner/Doom
May 13, 2024ApairysNi l’espace, ni le temps…Progressive Rock
May 14, 2024El MortaThe Man Who LaughsDoom, Post-Rock/Metal
May 14, 2024ThornscrownThornscrown IDoom
May 15, 2024Vann PapaDissonant ImmersionProgressive Metal
May 16, 2024PreHistoric AnimalsFinding Love In Strange PlacesProgressive Alternative Rock
May 16, 2024LunearFrom AboveProgressive Rock
May 16, 2024BaardvaderWhen the Stars ArriveStoner/Doom
May 17, 2024PallbearerMind Burns AliveDoom
May 17, 2024WormindA Lie Will Remain a LieProgressive Metal
May 17, 2024The Great Red SharkBeyond the Light EPStoner/Doom
May 17, 2024LucidityEscherianProgressive Rock/Metal
May 17, 2024Ayreon01011001: Live Beneath the WavesProgressive Metal, Progressive Rock
May 17, 2024Marty FriedmanDramaProgressive Rock, Progressive Metal
May 17, 2024PassageCrystalPost-Rock
May 17, 2024Hadar ProjectAlbum II – Beta CentauriPsychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock
May 18, 2024BaulverkrYarn of DestinyProgressive Doom Metal
May 18, 2024Brendan PerkinsFavourite PlacesProgressive Rock
May 18, 2024Slow SunOld BloodProgressive Doom Metal
May 19, 2024WeedgazerGnioza EPStoner/Doom
May 19, 2024MushaKallio ArgaPsychedelic Doom
May 20, 2024ShiveredExistential MourningDoom Rock/Metal
May 21, 2024Martial AllartNew WorldProgressive Metal
May 21, 2024Hail DarknessLuciferan Dawn † Coven of the Blackened One EPDoom
May 22, 2024AsterismPlanet of Metal EPProgressive Metal
May 22, 2024Lust RitualForbidden Rites EPDoom
May 22, 2024The CyberiamUnobtainiumProgressive Rock/Metal
May 22, 2024Thalassus20,000 Leagues Under an Ocean PlanetDoom
May 22, 2024Flame DreamSilent TransitionProgressive Rock
May 23, 2024AzureFymProgressive Rock
May 23, 2024KalgonKalgonStoner/Doom
May 23, 2024Forbidden MythZantea Chronicles : The Nightmare AwakensProgressive Rock Opera
May 23, 2024Hail DarknessHour of the Silent Rite † The Devil Rides in EPDoom
May 23, 2024PangaeaBeowulfProgressive Rock
May 23, 2024Dead HarrisonNone for AllStoner, Heavy Rock
May 24, 2024AlkeraZamanın ÖtesineProgressive Metal
May 24, 2024Grim ExitGrim Exit
May 24, 2024Legacy PilotsThru The LensProgressive Rock
May 24, 2024Reegonetti BandSongs From The Raven​´​s NestProgressive Rock
May 24, 2024Hebi KatanaDoom n’ Bloom 2024 [Live]Stoner/Doom
May 24, 2024MoonlapseMoonlapse EPProgressive Metal
May 24, 2024Echoes PartsEchoes Part. 1Progressive Rock Opera
May 24, 2024UtopycaExtazurikProgressive Metal
May 24, 2024TeramazeEli – A Wonderful Fall from GraceProgressive Metal/Rock
May 25, 2024FughuStolen PictureProgressive Rock
May 25, 2024PoesiPoesi II EPStoner/Doom
May 25, 2024Armed CloudNimbusProgressive Metal
May 25, 2024The CryptThe CryptDoom
May 26, 2024Memory DrivenIn the Light BeyondProgressive Doom Metal
May 26, 2024Ren XRainProgressive Rock
May 26, 2024MaoongBleakest of Green AcidPsychedelic Stoner, Doom
May 26, 2024Federico MarchesanoCATTEDRALE SPAZIALEJazz Prog
May 27, 2024Jack DuponToucanAvant-Garde/Experimental, Progressive Rock
May 28, 2024The Ikan MethodPerfect TyrannyProgressive Rock
May 28, 2024EmphasisDekalogProgressive Rock
May 29, 2024John HoldenProximity & ChanceProgressive Rock
May 29, 2024BlackhearthFeast of the Savages EPProgressive Metal
May 30, 2024El Poder de la InfanciaEl Poder de la InfanciaProgressive Rock
May 30, 2024Eld FenO’ Great WurmProgressive Doom Metal
May 31, 2024Laughing StockShelterArt Rock
May 31, 2024Halcyon WayNight Crawling EPProgressive Metal
May 31, 2024Dave Foster BandMaybe They’ll Come Back For UsProgressive Rock
May 31, 2024Auro ControlThe HarpProgressive Metal
May 31, 2024A Dying SoulRelief Dimension EPDoom, Experimental
May 31, 2024Age of DistractionA Game Of WhispersProgressive Rock, Progressive Metal
May 31, 2024EreleyGardenProgressive Metal/Rock
May 31, 2024Majesty of RevivalWraiths EPProgressive Metal
May 31, 2024Crypto KnightFour Fables EPProgressive Rock
May 31, 2024Ian HighhillGallowsDoom, Heavy Rock
May 31, 2024!GeRald!Music for broken elevatorsProgressive Rock, Avant-Garde/Experimental
May 31, 2024Marjana SemkinaSirinFolk Prog
May 31, 2024WitherfallSounds of the ForgottenProgressive Metal
May 31, 2024Dream RelicAntipermanenceProgressive Metal/Rock
May 31, 2024Look To WindwardThe Last Scattering SurfaceProgressive Rock
May 31, 2024SykofantSykofantProgressive Rock[REVIEW] [VIDEO REVIEW]
May 31, 2024The Human ConditionFoundationsDoom
May 31, 2024Leon AlvaradoThe Changing TideProgressive Rock
May 31, 2024ReliqaSecrets Of The FutureProgressive Metal

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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