[New Releases] November 2021 Progressive Rock new releases

November 01, 2021Circe Link and Christian NesmithCosmologicaProgressive Rock
November 01, 2021Belling The TigerLostProgressive Rock[REVIEW]
November 01, 2021Imaginary KingsDreamtimeProgressive Rock
November 02, 2021Diablo Swing OrchestraSwagger & Stroll Down the Rabbit HoleHeavy Prog
November 05, 2021KornmoFimbulvinterProgressive Rock
November 05, 2021Drowning StepsDark Nostalgia EPPost-Rock[REVIEW]
November 05, 2021Electric EyeHorizonsPsychedelic Rock
November 05, 2021Clive Nolan & Oliver WakemanDark FablesProgressive Rock
November 05, 2021ArlekinThe Secret GardenNeo Prog
November 05, 2021Octarine SkyClose To NearbyProgressive Rock
November 05, 2021Andrew RoussakCrossing the LineSymphonic Prog, Progressive Metal[REVIEW]
November 06, 2021Black Hole OdysseyBlack Hole OdysseyProgressive Rock
November 10, 2021Marco RagniA Moment Before The Sun Went DownSpace Rock
November 11, 2021Sub Rosa11:11Progressive Rock
November 11, 2021夜光虫 / Yakouchuu “追憶”RecollectionJazz Prog, Psychedelic Rock
November 12, 2021PRPNo Pristine Rubbery PerceptionProgressive Rock
November 12, 2021Devil ElectricGodlessDoom, Psychedelic Rock[REVIEW]
November 12, 2021The Osiris ClubThe Green ChapelProgressive Rock
November 12, 2021Outrun The SunlightA Vast Field Of SilenceHeavy Prog
November 12, 2021TaukChaos CompanionJazz Prog
November 12, 2021Marco MasoniIl vero è nella memoria e nella fantasiaFolk Prog
November 12, 2021FanatismInverted EvolutionPsychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock
November 13, 2021ApogeeThe Blessing And The CurseProgressive Rock
November 13, 2021EmbryoAuf AufJazz-Prog, Krautrock[REVIEW]
November 14, 2021Circe Link and Christian NesmithCosmologicaProgressive Rock
November 15, 2021Leap DayTreehouseNeo Prog
November 15, 2021Drifting SunForsaken InnocenceProgressive Rock
November 17, 2021HipgnosisValley of the KingsProgressive Rock
November 18, 2021Light Entanglement Machine 2021Light Entanglement Machine 2021Space Rock
November 18, 2021SynapseSingularitiesHeavy Prog
November 19, 2021Spherical AgendaArcane WisdomJazz Prog[REVIEW]
November 19, 2021LokruzLokruzPsychedelic Rock[REVIEW]
November 19, 2021Accordo dei ContrariUR-Jazz Prog
November 19, 2021Twisted IllusionExcite the Light: Part 1Heavy Prog
November 19, 2021Hedvig MollestadTempest RevisitedJazz Prog
November 19, 2021Ghost RhythmsSpectral MusicProgressive Rock
November 19, 2021SoupVisionsProgressive Rock
November 19, 2021Red KiteApophenian BlissJazz Prog
November 19, 2021PartnerGreen to GoldProgressive Rock[REVIEW]
November 19, 2021Kant Freud KafkaHistorias del acantiladoSymphonic Prog[REVIEW]
November 19, 2021Hieronymus DreamNostosPsychedelic Rock[REVIEW]
November 20, 2021MDS (Monnaie de Singe)The Story of Rose Øla SeksProgressive Rock
November 21, 2021KrokodilAnother TimeKraurock
November 21, 2021Daniel BiroSynthrospections 4 – Hell Is EmptyAvant-Garde/Experimental[REVIEW]
November 23, 2021Dave BainbridgeTo The Far AwayProgressive Rock
November 26, 2021The FurSonntagPsychedelic Rock, Space Rock[REVIEW]
November 26, 2021TDWFountainsHeavy Prog
November 26, 2021Hasse Fröberg & Musical CompanionWe Are the TruthProgressive Rock
November 26, 2021Shaven PrimatesChild Of DirtPost-Rock, Experimental[REVIEW]
November 30, 2021SynapseSingularitiesHeavy Prog
November 30, 2022Deception StorePindaric FlightProgressive Rock[REVIEW]

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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