[News] Acid Magus premiere the official video for the track “Dead Weight” ft. Johni Holiday from new album

Get ready to be entranced by the dark, thought-provoking soundscape as South Africa’s own Progressive Doom virtuosos Acid Magus unleash their latest masterpiece – a riveting music video for their track “Dead Weight” from their critically acclaimed new album “Hope Is Heavy” out now on Mongrel Records. This release delves into the heart of modern popular culture’s relentless imitation game, challenging conventions and inviting viewers to question the status quo. To amplify the impact, the track features a captivating guest vocals appearance from none other than the esteemed frontman Johni Holiday from prominent South African Stoner Rock sensations Ruff Majik.

Watch the premiere on The Obelisk: https://theobelisk.net/obelisk/2023/08/28/acid-magus-hope-is-heavy-dead-weight-vid/

Johni takes on a dual role, gracing the track with his unmistakable voice while also embodying the main antagonist in the music video. In a stunning visual portrayal, he assumes the role of a vampire, reigning as a corporate overlord in a dystopian, cutthroat business environment.

Featuring 6 tracks, the album explores themes of existentialism, introspection, and the human condition. The band’s poetic lyrics delve into profound and introspective territories, inviting listeners to explore the depths of their own psyche.

As time passed and I grew older, I found myself becoming depressed for no reason other than for the fact that I was becoming a bitter cynic. ‘Hope is Heavy’ is me trying to find that elusive light at the end of the ever present, gloomy tunnel.” – Keenan Kinnear, guitarist/songwriter.

Purchase and Stream “Hope Is Heavy“: https://orcd.co/hope-is-heavy // https://acidmagus.bandcamp.com/album/hope-is-heavy

1. Demon Behemoth
2. Progeneration
3. Caligulater
4. A Planet, A Deathstar
5. Dead Weight (ft. Johni Holiday)
6. Trillion Tonne Sun

Keenan Kinnear
/ Guitar
Jarryd Wood / Bass Guitar
Roelof van Tonder / Drums
Anrico Jeske / Vocals
Brendon Bezuidenhout / Guitar, Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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