[News] Akelei released the stand-alone track “Moed” evolved from a 2016 demo

This is a stand-alone track that evolved from a 2016 demo. Earlier plans for a professional recording were scrapped and the song wasn’t worked on a for a while until we decided to play it live. During rehearsals we improved dynamics and overall structure of the song. We kept the momentum and booked some studio time with Dave, who also worked with us on the “Een van ons” EP.

Moed means courage. The inspiration for the song’s lyrics comes from those who speak up and act against oppression and persecution, often facing direct personal consequences. Equally inspiring is the individual struggle for one’s right to be who one wants to be, free from society’s norms, prejudice and discrimination. Furthermore, 2022 has seen tremendous courage from the people of Ukraine, whose plight cannot be understated. Please follow and consider making a donation to Kyiv Independent, Ukraine’s English-language media outlet: www.gofundme.com/f/kyivindependent-launch?qid=2257b98a72aa3b897ae9970c44f5888b

The photo is of Prinsenhof, Delft. This was between 1575 and 1584 the residence of William the Silent aka William of Orange, leader of the revolt against Spanish Habsburg oppression in the Dutch Republic. William was vehemently opposed to the brutal persecution of Protestants during the time and it’s one of the reasons he rebelled against the Spanish crown, his former employer. For his rebellion, a price was put on his head. William was assassinated at the Prinsenhof and died there on 10 July 1584. He is buried in the New Church.

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Harm Wiegers / Bass
Josha Nuis / Drums, Backing Vocals
Matthijs van Wageningen / Guitars
Misha Nuis / Vocals & Guitars

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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