[News] Alex Gage’s Flagship unleashes a groovy instrumental track “#4 Mojo (Mk1 Prototype)”

Alex Gage’s Flagship unleashes “#4 Mojo (Mk1 Prototype),” a groovy instrumental that blends genres seamlessly, heralding their return with an exhilarating sonic adventure.

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Introducing the latest sonic voyage from Alex Gage’s Flagship, the humble instrumental offering, “#4 Mojo (Mk1 Prototype).” After a period of reformation over 2020-2022, this Canadian band is back with a joyful fusion of Progressive Rock, Fusion, Glam and Funk. The track’s Heavy, groovy rhythms are amplified by a guest horn section, promising a musical adventure that defies categorization.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse musical palette, Alex Gage’s Flagship showcases their unmistakable blend of genres, creating a unique and captivating sound. This release marks a triumphant return, reflecting their enduring commitment to music and innovation.

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Alex Gage, with recordings at Taurus Studios, this single embodies the band’s craftsmanship and dedication. The artwork, crafted by Si Sweetman, adds a visual layer to their sonic journey.

#4 Mojo (Mk1 Prototype)” is more than just music; it’s an invitation to embark on a sonic exploration that transcends boundaries. In a world of musical homogeneity, Alex Gage’s Flagship stands as a beacon of creativity and humility, offering a refreshing escape for listeners seeking something truly exceptional.

Purchase the track on Bandcamp: https://alexgagesflagship.bandcamp.com/track/4-mojo-mk-1-prototype

Alex Gage
/ Bass, Voice; Additional Guitar, Percussion, Sounds
Mohamed El Hamahmy / Guitar
Liam Schatz – Drums, percussion, voice
Bennett Blundell – Keyboards
Eric Dettweiler – Trumpet
Ryan Cassidy – Alto Saxophone
Eliana Gage – Baritone Saxophone
Aniqa Qadir – Voice

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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