[News] Andres Guazzelli announces new album “Atypical”

After going public about his ADHD diagnosis in his blog entry “Living With ADHD“, Andres Guazzelli has announced the release of a brand new album, Atypical” to aid him to get treatment for the disorder and donate its profits to ADHD charities.

Atypical” is conceptually conceived as “A Day Inside An ADHD Brain“, conveying the disorder’s symptoms into musical pieces: inattentiveness, impulsiveness, hyperfocus, excessive mental and motor activity, restlessness, sensory overload and others.

ADHD is poorly understood by the general population, and the album’s ultimate goal is to raise awareness and understanding of how the ADHD brain works, how it processes random thoughts and how it perceives its surroundings.

The album will feature six tracks, the first four named after the acronym of ADHD: “Attention“, “Deficit“, “Hyperactivity” and “Disorder“. The following two will be named “Hyperfocus” and “Neurodiverse“.

Progressive in nature, “Atypical” dances between genres, textures, odd time signatures, atonal synths, sweet lullabies, sound design, and overall controlled chaos.

Since his public outing and as a highly functional ADHD adult, Andres has become a local spokesperson for the disorder and its struggle, while raising understanding and comfort for ADHD parents.

Once the expenses of his own ADHD treatment are covered, all album profits will be donated to different charities and organizations and who raise awareness and do research about ADHD.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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