[News] Appalooza share official music video for the track “Unbreakable” from upcoming album

French Heavy Rockers Appalooza share new single and music video “Unbreakable” taken from their upcoming album, “The Shining Son,” set to release on October 20th, 2023 via Ripple Music. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

The song is about the People uniting and trying to fight a demon known as “The Horse”, but it is unbreakable. The People are trapped and doomed to failure. There is no hope but they stay united… Even if failure is inevitable, the three of us stick together. We become unbreakable.” – Appalooza

Purchase and Stream to the single on all streaming services: https://lnkfi.re/unbreakableapp

The Shining Son” is the sequel to Appalooza’s 2021 Ripple Music debut “The Holy of Holies” and weaves its storyline around enigmatic Biblical references and a fascinating cinematic approach, presenting eight massive-sounding tracks that subtly blend Stoner Rock, Grunge Rock and the trio’s trademark tribal percussions. Propelled in an exhilarating stampede of thick metallic riffs, rumbling grooves, multi-layered rhythms and frontman Wild Horse’s dazzling baritone vocals, Appalooza deliver their most audacious album to date, a sonic tour de force that will cement their reputation as one of France’s most creative Heavy Rock outfits of their generation.

About the album them, the band explains: “After the awakening and arrival of The Horse aka Azazael on Earth narrated in our latest album The Holy Of Holies, The Shining Son tells how The Horse exercises its power and how it sows chaos towards the populations. Here again, we are talking about religion and perdition. Indeed, the Pelican as told in the first track represents The Christ who feeds his little ones aka the people. But his powers are weakened and his wings are damaged. He can no longer fly and get food to feed the starving people. The after-effects of a violent childhood are for life. This album is some kind of emotional liberation going through fear, escape, counterattack, violence and anger. It is the testament of a bygone era, the legacy of the past on the present, the cure for the future, and denounces the family and social imprisonment of an era.

Watch latest videos “Pelican” and “Wasted Land

Appalooza‘s “The Shining Son” out October 20th on Ripple Music – Pre-Order: ripplemusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-shining-son

Appalooza is a lost steed thirsting for freedom, drawing inspiration and essence from the dust of an arid desert. After a first American tour in 2015, the band galloped relentlessly and trampled the paths of the studio to record their first album “Appalooza.” In the winter of 2018, the band returned from an extensive US West Coast tour and signed to Ripple Music for the release of their second full-length “The Holy Of Holies,” bearing a brand new visual identity and sound.

Appalooza are now set to release their third record “The Shining Son” this October 2023 on Ripple Music. “The Shining Son” was recorded by Arthurus Lauth at Brown Bear Recording in Saint-Lumine-de-Clisson, France. Mixed by Arthurus Lauth & Wild Horse, and mastered by Ronan Cloarec at Master Lab Systems in Nantes, France. Artwork was designed by Wild Horse Artworks.

01. Pelican
02. Unbreakable
03. Framed
04. Groundhog Days
05. Wasted Land
06. Wounded
07. Sunburn
08. Killing Maria

Wild Horse
/ Vocal and Guitar
Lone Horse / Drums
Black Horse / Bass
The Horse / Percussions and Backing Vocals

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