[News] Belgian Desert Rock band Caravan released first single “Snail Horns” from upcoming album

Emerging with the raw energy of their EP “Bulldozer” in 2020, Cavaran is ready to unleash their long-awaited first full album, “Nights At Josan” to be released November 3th, 2023 on Polderrecords.

This album, crafted under the expert guidance of Dirk Miers at Destudio, features nine distinct tracks, each with its own magnetic charm. “Nights At Josan” weaves a sonic journey, blending a mix of powerful riffs, mesmerizing grooves, scorching solos, and epic jams. Throughout this musical adventure, Cavaran holds a strong vision: combining fearless experimentation with familiar song structures.

Cavaran’s debut full-length album invites you to enter a world where creative boundaries shatter and the music transforms into an immersive experience. This album marks a significant milestone in their musical journey, promising an exciting and captivating auditory ride.

Purchase and Stream the track “Snail Horns” on Bandcamp:

Pre-Order the album on Bandcamp: https://cavaran.bandcamp.com/album/nights-at-josan


01. It Gives
02. Dying Whales
03. Bad Roads And Mountains
04. Way Down Low
05. Snail Horns 04:29
06. Storm
07. Strawberry Butt
08. Black Trip
09. Bullface

Cavaran was formed in Aalst in 2014 by Lieven Tronckoe (guitar), Patrick Van Der Haegen (bass) and Gert D’hondt (drums). They play their own kind of Instrumental Stoner Rock, with recognisable songs balancing between raw and Heavy grooves and Psychedelic endeavours.

The band signed with Polderrecords in 2020 and released the EP “Bulldozer” there. The production was in the hands of the ubiquitous Tim Toegaert. They also appeared on a few compilation albums, including “Polderriffs Volume II.” At the end of 2022, they got back into the studio with highly experienced and established producer Dirk Miers. Cavaran now eagerly presents their first full album “Nights at Josan.”


Lieven Tronckoe / Guitar
Patrick Van Der Haegen / Bass
Gert D’hondt / Drums

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Polderrecords |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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