[News] Big Fat Lukum unveil the official video for the single “Michel Michel Michel” from upcoming album

Experience the sonic power of Belgium’s Big Fat Lukum with their new single “Michel Michel Michel,” a taste of their upcoming album. Immerse in the wild energy of their Stoner Rock, Post-Metal, Heavy Rock, and Psyche Rock Fusion, as they embark on a new, gluten-free, and eco-responsible musical journey.

Watch the official video through the YouTube player below:

Filmed in 2019 at Magasin4 by @sambaguet6025 before the COVID-era

Unleashing an avalanche of sound, Belgium’s own Big Fat Lukum is back, leaving no stone unturned with their latest single, “Michel Michel Michel.” This new release, a taste from their upcoming album “Familial et distinguĂ©,” brings forth a tsunami of Stoner Rock, Post-Metal, Heavy Rock, and Psyche Rock that hits you hard and takes you for a wild ride.

Crafted with intricate detail by the trio – Greg (Guitar/Vocals), Dos (Bass/Vocals), and Royon (Drums), “Michel Michel Michel” is a testimony to the band’s ability to evolve, taking their sound to greater heights. Their sound not only echoes with influences of giants like Mastodon, Wo Fat, Conan, Tool, and Red Fang, but also carves out its own identity, uniquely Big Fat Lukum.

Recorded at Pale Flame studios by the skilled Ben Matlet, “Michel Michel Michel” is a relentless barrage of energy, precision, and intensity. Big Fat Lukum‘s solid lineup over a decade, coupled with their performance experience alongside names like Peter Pan Speedrock, Do Or Die, and more, has helped them hone their craft and deliver something truly noteworthy.

With the new album “Familial & DistinguĂ©” all set to drop on the September 10, 2023, Big Fat Lukum is ready to showcase their finest riffs and atmospheres. And, as a cherry on top, this album is not just Gluten-Free but also eco-responsible of the animals.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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