[News] Black Sites announce “The Promised Land?” and unveil first single “World On Fire”

The single “World On Fire” is out now with an accompanying lyric video from Progressive leaning Metal act Black Sites. The Chicago-based trio will release their fourth full length, “The Promised Land?” on September 6th, 2024. This is the first album to feature Brandon White (Repentance) on drums.

Black Sites‘ frontman Mark Sugar comments on “World On Fire“: “[It’s] [a]nother unique song in the BLACK SITES catalog. Very ZEPPELIN-ish at times, with some things going on in the rhythm section that we hadn’t done before. We worked on this one a lot, moving parts around and changing how we played certain things. Some very classy drumming from Mr. White on here too.

Lyrically, I was channeling some of the scenes from the Road Warrior movies, where everyone is squatting in bombed-out buildings and fighting each other for basic needs like water. I felt that reality is starting to mirror those circumstances for a lot of people.

Watch the official music video through the YouTube player below:

Mark Sugar comments on “The Promised Land?“: “In the immediate aftermath of our last album Untrue, we amassed a pile of new ideas pretty quickly. In June 2023, we began recording at the legendary Electrical Audio studios, an amazing experience which feels even more special in light of Steve Albini’s recent passing. Towards the end of the process, we somehow convinced Tom Draper (SPIRIT ADRIFT) and Matt Johnsen (PHARAOH) to contribute guest solos to the record.

Formed in 2016 as a studio project, Black Sites combine old school Metal with guitar harmonies, melodic/clean vocals and Progressive elements, primarily drawing inspiration from the likes of Voivod, Black Sabbath and King’s X. The band released their debut “In Monochrome” in 2017 (Mascot Records), and Exile in 2019, with 2021 bringing “Untrue” produced by Sanford Parker.

Pre-Order the album on Bandcamp: https://blacksites.bandcamp.com/album/the-promised-land

01. Descent
02. Dread Tomorrow
03. Gideon
04. World On Fire
05. Chasing Eternity
06. The Promised Land
07. Many Turn To None

Mark Sugar
/ Vocals and Guitar
Ryan Bruchert / Guitar
Brandon White / Drums

Guest Performers:
Matt Johnsen (Pharaoh)
/ Guitar on “Dread Tomorrow
Tom Draper (Spirit Adrift, ex-Carcass) / Guitar on “Chasing Eternity

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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