[News] Black Widow Records and Nadir Music announce the program for the Porto Antico Progfest 2023

In memory of Vittorio De Scalzi.

Here we are presenting the programme for PROGFEST 2023 in the splendid setting of Genoa’s Porto Antico. This year 2 days of exceptional level that we hope will delight all lovers of this genre immortal and always able to excite.

Saturday 5 August starts with DARK AGES, a well-known band from Verona capable of technical, brilliant and varied Heavy Progressive music. They present their latest album “Between us” produced with the collaboration of Andromeda Relix. The album represents a very important point of arrival for the the band, characterised by the stainless sound of Silvano Calciolari‘s guitars and the keyboards of the talented Angela Busato. The rhythm section of Carlo Busato on drums and Gaetano Celotti on bass also plays an important work of construction and experimentation, as well as lyrics by Roberto Roverselli, very theatrical and perfectly integrated into the band’s sound.
Second band to perform are WITCHWOOD, who return to Genoa after their historic appearance at FIM. The band from Faenza, led by Ricky Dal Pane (vocals, guitar), has always won great acclaim from the public and critics with its Hard Rock with Progressive overtones (between Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult and Jethro Tull above all), veiled in Psych Blues and Southern Rock. The concert on Saturday 5 August in the splendid location of the Porto Antico will be the occasion to see them live again after some time, with a renewed and enthralling show that will touch on all the band’s albums, including some songs never before performed. band’s albums, including some tracks never before performed live from their latest album “Before the Winter.” The new 2023 line-up in addition to Dal Pane, Andrea Palli on drums, Samuele Tesori on flute and Luca Celotti on bass, sees the return of Stefano Olivi on organ and
Davide Mosca (Aldi dallo Spazio) on guitar. ROCK ON!

Third all-female band, SOPHYA BACCINI’S ARADIA. Sophya Baccini realised her dream of having her own all-women band, she worked very hard, it was complicated but in the end she succeeded and the result is sensational. 6 beautiful girls, 6 talented musicians, Sophya Baccini (vocals, piano), Marilena
(keyboards and voice), Francesca Masucci (violin), Sonia Scialanca (guitar, sax, voice), Anais Noir (bass, voice), Chiara Cotugno (drums and vocals). and a new album “Running with the wolf‘ to be premiered. A Symphonic Heavy Progressive full of fascinating and obscure melodies performed with a stage presence to spectacular effect that will leave everyone breathless. Headlining the first evening of PROGFEST 2023 are ANGLAGARD and true lovers of “Progressive Rock” couldn’t ask for better. The Swedes will be doing a few dates in Europe to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of their
their masterpiece HYBRIS and one will be in Genoa. One of the greatest progressive bands from the 90s onwards, probably the greatest, they were the first to bring back, and renew, the true and pure Progressive sound in a world infested by Neo Prog sounds that had little or nothing in common with the magic of the best 70s bands, especially King Crimson, but also Yes, Camel and Genesis. ANGLAGARD will play the entire first album as well as some compositions never before performed live, and we are proud and happy to present them to our audience at PROGFEST, an event that has now become an important appointment for all Progressive Rock lovers.

The day of 6 August will be even more varied as the bands present are really very different from one another. Opened by MONKEY DIET, a band formed by 3 guys who came from different musical paths,
with the common thread of Prog: bassist Daniele Piccinini (formerly Accordo dei Contrari, played with Richard Sinclair of Caravan), guitarist Gabriele Martelli (PropheXy, live and studio performer for the late Roberto Freak Antoni) and drummer Roberto Bernardi (very active in the Bolognese underground, best known for a tribute to Genesis and the Prog Rock of Altare Thotemico). “Ant Death Spiral,” the trio’s second work after the debut “Inner Gobi” (2017), released once again by Black Widow Records, also looks good visually, thanks to the artwork by world-class artist Russ Mills. The album features some exceptional guests including among them the legendary singer Donella Del Monaco, rising world Blues star Eric Gales (guitar) and Silas Neptune of Ozric Tentacles on synthesisers, but we assure you that live, even without these aces, MONKEY DIET will be insane with their overwhelming Progressive Jazz Rock with Psychedelic characteristics and jam-like attitude.

Then MALOMBRA and this is already an event within an event. Few would have thought of a return of this band mythical band that gave a cultural and musical sense to the Italian dark sound, and not only in the 90s, with three spectacular albums and a series of unforgettable concerts. For us at Black Widow Records, MALOMBRA, as well as Il Segno del Comando, Presence, The Black, Runaway Totem…, represent the beginning of our history so they have importance and we are proud to have brought them back into action with an exceptional album, “TRES,” and now to present them live at PROGFEST.
and now to present them live at PROGFEST 2023 with a partly revamped line-up but still guided by the clear and visionary mind of Mercy and guitarist Matteo Ricci. We believe it will be a great thrill to see them on this stage and we hope it is just the beginning of a new creative phase.
DEATHLESS LEGACY will be another unexpected surprise for Progressive Rock lovers as this spectacular band is best known in Heavy Metal circles but, with their project “Saturnalia,” they have definitely ventured into more Symphonic and Progressive atmospheres. “Saturnalia” is a long esoteric suite, set
set in ancient Rome, with a continuous change of tempo and a succession of gothic, horror, Symphonic atmospheres with the keyboards of the talented Alessio Lucatti in great prominence together with the spectacular presence of vocalist Steva, supported by a band that now borders on perfection. Those who know them will enjoy it like crazy and those who haven’t never heard or seen them will be fascinated.

The headliners on the second day will be AREA Open Project celebrating the 50th anniversary of “ARBEIT MACHT FREI,” a legendary masterpiece . Area International Popular Group, founded by Demetrio Stratos, Giulio Capiozzo, Eddy Busnello, Patrizio Fariselli, Paolo Tofani and Patrick Djivas, created and played these complex and evocative pieces and evocative pieces from 1972 until early 1974. Subsequently, with the departure of Busnello and Djivas from the group and the entry of Ares Tavolazzi, they devoted themselves to the new material of “Caution Radiation Area,” abandoning the previous repertoire and partly the ‘sound‘ of the early days. To this day, of the tracks from “Arbeit Macht Frei,” only “Luglio, Agosto, Settembre (nero)” has continued to be performed live by the Area Open Project, in addition to “Arbeit Macht Frei” as well as being the subject of covers and rearrangements by numerous other musicians. On the other hand, no one has heard the other tracks on the album in concert for over 40 years, such as “Consapevolezza,” “240 Km from Smyrna,” “The Lips of Time,” “Arbeit Macht Frei” and “L’abbattimento dello Zeppelin.” For the occasion of the 50th anniversary of this seminal album, Patrizio Fariselli not only edited arrangement and orchestration of all six tracks that make up “Arbeit Macht Frei,” adapting them to the formation of Area Open Project, but also recovered some previously unreleased parts that the group performed in concert in the 1970s and that never appeared on record. This is the fomation: Patrizio Fariselli, piano and synth / Stefano Fariselli, woodwinds and Ewi / Marco Micheli, electric bass / Walter Paoli, drums / Claudia Tellini, vocals. NOT TO BE MISSED!

Official Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/753169006418600

Price for each evening: 25 Euro
Subscription for the two days: 45 Euro
For info and Pre-Sale:

Black Widow Records – tel. 0102461708 – blackwidow@blackwidow.it
DISCO CLUB – Via San Vincenzo, 20, Genova. Tel. 010 542422
TICKETGATE Pre-Sale links:

August 05: https://www.ticketgate.it/festival/porto-antico-progfest-2023

August 06: https://www.ticketgate.it/festival/porto-antico-progfest-2023

Tickets can also be purchased on the evening of the event at the Piazza delle Feste ticket office.

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