[News] Blues licks on the Norwegian Hardanger fiddle in MÍO´s newest single out on 28th April

Norwegian Folk Rock group MÍO combines Folk instruments and Blues Rock on their newest single “Fra et annet sted,” out this Friday, April 28, 2023.

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With their new single “Fra et annet sted” (‘From another place’), MÍO returns to their Rock roots. This is the fourth single from the band’s debut album, which will be released June 09, 2023. The Oslo-based band is a breath of fresh air in the world of folk-rock, having made a name for themselves in the underground scene with energetic concerts and a unique sound.

MÍO is a genre-bending project with rich inspiration from Norwegian Folk music, 70’s Prog, Norwegian Rock, and Punk. In this single, the influence of Norwegian Rock is evident. MÍO has chosen to dedicate the single to the legendary Norwegian Punk Rock scene.

It has been liberating to write a straightforward rock song. We are very fond of Norwegian folk music and old folk rock, but first and foremost, it’s rock that holds us together as a band – it’s in our DNA!” – MÍO

The song is about being liked for a romanticized image of you, rather than who you really are. It is a sharp and confident song, with a cool and laid-back drive. In typical MÍO style, “Fra et annet sted” is dynamic and constantly evolving. There are blues licks on the fiddle and harmonica, adding to the bluesy feel.

Their highly anticipated debut album “Ingen tid å miste” will be released both digitally and on vinyl the 9 June, and it will be possible to see the band at several summer festivals and on a tour in Norway.

The single “Fra et annet sted” is out on April 28, 2023.

Dionisia Fjelldalen
/ Vocals
Maja Hveding Styffe / Hardanger Fiddle
Jakob Nome / Guitar
Marianne Friisberg Larssen / Bass
Henrik Hagen Johnsen / Organ and Harmonica
Eilif Hallingstad Finnseth / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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