[News] Bruce Soord release the single “Nestle In” taken from his upcoming new album

Next up is the new single from The Pineapple Thief and mutli-instrumentalist virtuoso that is Bruce Soord. Titled “Nestle In,” the track was released earlier this week and deals with some interesting topics… 

Stream the track through the Spotify player below:

Musically, “Nestle In” showcases the varied approach that Bruce Soord takes as a songwriter with beautiful strings, performed by Andrew Skeet (The Divine Comedy), that accompany the minimalist yet emotive electronica bubbling in the foreground. Thematically the track explores the concept of the incessant speed of life causing humanity to not appreciate what is wrong in the world.

Bruce mentioned:

“One thing you notice when touring the USA are the sirens. All kinds of sounds and sizes. I would venture out when I could and walk around the various cities we played, field recorder in hand, waiting for a siren to appear. One day in downtown Chicago, one duly arrived, in this case a fire truck. That’s the sound you hear when ‘Nestle In’ begins and ends, setting the scene for the apocalyptic theme of the song.”

Bruce Soord‘s “Luminescence” will be out September 22nd.

The multi-instrumentalist and songwriter extraordinaire returns with his third studio album.

Founding member and chief songwriter of his prolific band The Pineapple Thief, Bruce Soord’s output and profile has grown substantially over the last decade. In addition to his own musical output, his exceptional producing and in demand surround sound mixing has seen him delivering mastering work for acts including TesseracT, Opeth and Jethro Tull.

Inspired by the idea of finding inner peace, his latest solo outing “Luminescence” explores the difficulty of living in the metropolis of the modern world. Born from days exploring various cities whilst on tour, tracks from the album feature recordings from Soord’s various wanderings captured on his field recorder.

With acoustic guitar at the centre of the album, tracks such as “Lie Flat” appear simple on the surface yet reveal Soord’s unmistakable intricacies throughout. There’s a variety of styles within though. The album’s single “Dear Life” effortlessly encapsulates Soord’s unique sense of poised melancholy, while “Nestle In” flirts with electronica. Olomouc’s rousing strings work against the acoustic backdrop of Soord’s guitar to paint a vivid picture of the stillness that the record describes.

Recorded between January and June of 2023, the album was cut at Soord Studios with additional strings recorded at RAK Studio 3 in London, featuring contributions from Andrew Skeet, long time member of The Divine Comedy and musical producer of the orchestration on many films/tv shows from Netflix’s smash hit Black Mirror to David Attenborough’s Green Planet and Dynasties II.

The artwork has been provided by Carl Glover at Aleph Studios (Porcupine Tree/Marillion) with the mastering handled by The Pineapple Thief’s Steve Kitch. It was engineered by Bruce Soord.

Bruce will be supporting the release with EU / UK dates in October 2023.

Pre-Order and Pre-Save the album here: https://brucesoord.lnk.to/Luminescence


  1. Dear Life [3:27]
  2. Lie Flat [3:52]
  3. Olomouc [3:55]
  4. So Simple [2:05]
  5. Never Ending Light [4:33]
  6. Day of All Days [3:20]
  7. Nestle In [3:13]
  8. Instant Flash of Light [3:37]
  9. Rushing [3:03]
  10. Stranded Here [3:42]
  11. Read to Me [2:08]
  12. Find Peace [4:46]

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