[News] Bunrning Shed to release Milkbone self-titled debut album on March 2022

Milkbone is a group comprising Phil Scragg (Robert Plant, Cobalt Chapel) on bass, guitar, and keyboards, Matt Berry on keyboards and acoustic guitar, and James Sedge on drums.

A true labour of love, the trio’s magical 2021 debut offers an inspired evocation of the classic early 1970s Canterbury sound fused with elements of Electronic and Fusion music (with echoes of peak period Soft Machine, Weather Report, Jean-Michel Jarre, Terry Riley, Robert Wyatt and more).

Graham Mann (trombone/percussion) and Cecilia Fage (vocals) guest.

CD edition (featuring original artwork by Matt Berry).

Pre-order the album here: https://burningshed.com/genres/CanterburyScene/milkbone_milkbone_cd


  1. Canterbury
  2. Leaving Hawksbill
  3. Toys Hill
  4. Automatic Foot
  5. Milkbone
  6. Two Sequences
  7. Bleak Strategy
  8. Soft Weed
  9. Red Shift
  10. Cecilia
  11. Velvet Black

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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