[News] Calle Santiago publish the video teaser of the new upcoming album

The Venezuelan Progressive Rock band Calle Santiago announce the second upcoming album “Nuevos Hombres” with a video teaser on YouTube. Watch the video below:

Production & Recording: CaterwuStudio and Saeztudio.

Carlos Melendez, Luis Méndez and Eduardo Sáez.
Mix & Mastering: Eduardo Sáez at Saeztudio.

Total thanks to Rigel Garce (New Men) and Quincy Thomas (New Men, The Great Experiment, Sweet Home)

Bass: Ysmael Rodríguez
Backing vocals: Karen Vanessa Pita
Second voice: Caribay Saavedra (My truth, my peace – Nemesis II)
Cello: Ana Elba (My truth, my peace – Nemesis II)
Art: Sabrina Capon

Calle Santiago by: Pedro Capón, Nicolás Boada Rossi and Manuel Aumaitre Guinand

The band was founded in 2007 by Manuel Aumaitre (voices and guitars), Nicolás Boada (keyboards) and Pedro Capón (drums). In 2014, Thomas Sánchez (bass) joined the band.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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