[News] Chilean Progressive Rockers TRYO published the official full stream for the album “Suramárica”

Chilean Progressive Rockers TRYO published the official full stream for the upcoming album “Suramárica,” out on August 21, 2023 via Mylodon Records. Stream the whole album through the YouTube player below:

Long waited new studio album by Chilean Prog masters TRYO.
Amazing release with keyboards and lot of surprises.

TRYO has traced a particular path in its evolution. With “Suramérica,” their newest effort, the band has reached a high point in their 35-year musical career, an album that not only consecrates their presence on the scene, but also places them in a moment of creative brilliance.

Suramérica” not only exemplifies his progressive approach, but also raises the banner of Latin American Progressive, a powerful fusion that illustrates the deep connection between music and the region’s rich cultural heritage.

This album (MRM130) will be released in a beautiful collector’s digipack, which will be available from August 21.

We invite you to place your orders, since it’s a limited edition.

The tracklist of “Suramerica“:

  1. Suramérica
  2. Canoeros Celestes
  3. Nómades
  4. Orillas
  5. La Huida
  6. Danza Rebelde
  7. La Unión
  8. Elementos
  9. Trascender


Ismael Cortez A. / Electric Guitar and Vocals
Francisco Cortez A. / Electric Bass and Vocals
Félix Carbone K. / Drums
Pablo Martínez R. / Keyboards, Synthesizers and Programming
Felipe Baldrich M. / Percussion
Ignacio Carvajal G. / Voice

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Mylodon Records |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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