[News] Church of Misery announces Fumiya Hattori as full-time guitarist and looking for vocalist & drummer

Fumiya Hattori (Sonic Flower) has joined Church of Misery as a full-time guitarist.

After Sonic Flower’s new recording and Church of Misery’s two European tours, Fumiya Hattori (Gt.) has become an official member of Church of Misery.

Vocalist and Drummer Wanted

Vocalist and drummer are active with the cooperation of support members, so we are still looking for vocalists and drummers.

Those who have an understanding of this kind of music and can lead a life centered around a band, including overseas tours. Practice in the city. Cannot be shared with other bands. The drummer is male or female. It doesn’t matter whether you recommend yourself or others.

If you are interested, please contact the Gmail posted on the website: churchofmisery@gmail.com

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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