[News] Closure In Moscow announce new video single “Keeper Of The Lake” from upcoming album “Soft Hell”

Australian Alternative Rock group Closure in Moscow have released “Keeper Of The Lake,” the third single from their forthcoming new album “Soft Hell,” out on October 27, 2023 on Bird’s Robe Records.

Keeper Of The Lake” is a dark synth laden ode to a former love. Singer Christopher de Cinque’s soulful vocals pour out over lyrics filled with guilt, yearning and consternation, whilst the drum & bass interplay of Salvatore Aidone and Duncan Millar lock things down with an impossibly catchy groove. The eclectic guitar work of Manny Zennelli and Michael Barrett recall the warble of 90s VHS tapes mixed with the aura of bands like Air and Portishead, before culminating in a gorgeously melodic solo from Barrett.

About the new single, drummer Salvatore Aidone says: “Probably one of my favourite tracks on the album. I think this is the first time helping to write lyrics and giving this song its back story became this really amazing cathartic experience for me. I also probably for the first time truly understood that songs can mean totally different things for different people and i hold this song close to me but feel really hopeful that others will find it really relatable.

The new single comes with a washed out performance video produced by Yovozol with filming by Rowey. Blending the aforementioned 90s VHS effects with the quirky and idiosyncratic performance of the band, it’s yet another glimpse into a new era of these genre-shifting chameleons.

Watch the official music video for “Keeper Of The Lake” through the YouTube player below:

Having recently completed an Australian tour alongside Deafheaven, the band have also hinted at upcoming tour plans for Australia, the USA and UK, following the release of their new album in October.

Soft Hell” is the band’s third album and their first new album in 9 years, following “Pink Lemonade” (2014), “First Temple” (2009) and their debut EP “The Penance and the Patience” (2008).

The band have spanned a wide range of genres across their releases – from Post-Hardcore and earnest Punk Rock, through to Progressive Rock, Avant-Garde and Experimental Electronic Rock.

About the new album, the band says: “It’s finally here for you to preorder, the last 9 years distilled down to 50 minutes. We’ve put blood, sweat and years into this, and fully believe when you hear these tracks, the wait will have been worth it. We know you have to take our word on that for the time being, but the wait is almost over.

The new album is called Soft Hell.

Getting comfortable with chronic discomfort caused by the choices that fears and trauma lead you to make. This is life in a soft hell. There are enough distractions to stave off facing up to it, you can keep yourself in denial to avoid it, and things can just keep ticking along. Life becomes a fever dream of creature comforts and time killers, floating further into a lake of fire. People come along to pull you out, but they too get burned when you feel too stuck to climb with them.

Thank you to everyone that had been patiently waiting for new music. Everyone involved with working on this went so above and beyond because they believed in it, and we hope you hear what they heard too.”

It’s been a long wait for fans and a long period of introspection and evolution for Closure in Moscow. But the next phase of the band promises to be one of their most enthralling, as they make plans to share the record, revisit fans around the world and – hopefully – take less than 9 years until the next new music comes around.

What’s next? Does it matter? We’re all going to die eventually anyway. Just dive into Soft Hell and let yourself wallow there for a while.

Pre-order the album here: https://closureinmoscow.bandcamp.com/album/soft-hell


  1. Jaeger Bomb
  2. Primal Sinister
  3. Absolute Terror Field
  4. Better Way
  5. Holy Rush
  6. Keeper Of The Lake
  7. Lock & Key
  8. Don Juan Triumphant
  9. Soft Hell
  10. Fine
  11. Lovelash
  12. My Dearest Kate

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