[News] CNJR shares new video for “Putrid Things”

CNJR shares a brand new video for Putrid Things from new album I Can See The Church Burning Through The Binoculars.

Putrid Things” is about social construction, repression, and identity. The song talks about being overwhelmed and swallowed by the world, by bureaucracy, by expectations, by capitalism, and tries to hint to the listener that the little voice in the back of your head that tells you that this is not ok is right. That your fears are true, the things you think are lies are indeed lies. You are a cog in a machine, hell bent on working you to death.

CNJR comments: “The music video centers around a character who is struggling with this. He is battling his insecurities with being queer, with wearing makeup, he is confronted by a number of other characters who have been ‘infected’ by the system, each who represent a different part of the system, like work for example is represented by a businesman with a briefcase. The main character is trying to escape the system as it progressively gets closer to swallowing him.

Watch the video below:

CNJR is a nomadic project fusing retro synthesizers, dark cinematic science fiction themes, post-rock, electronic music, IDM, synthwave, darkwave, downtempo, instrumental, indie electronic, witch house, and various other influences. CNJR covers a vast emotional spectrum with music that is meant to inspire a journey.

On the new album CNJR notes: “This album came together during a time in my life when I was processing internally about my childhood, the relationships in my life, my experience as a queer person, gender fluid person, and really being honest about the dynamics present around me. A lot of fear, pain, repression, alienation, and self-censoring came up for me, and you can hear it in the music. The result is a pretty dark exploration, I hope it can feel cathartic for listeners in a similar way it was for me to work on the compositions.

New album I Can See The Church Burning Through The Binoculars is out now and can be ordered here from Future Archive Recordings, an artist-run label founded by CNJRSun GlittersArms and Sleepers, and Little People.

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