[News] David Foster aka Daidrum to release first single “Mery Go Round” from upcoming new album

London based musician David Foster aka Daidrum releases a new single, “Merry Go Round,” from his up and coming new album “All at Sea.” “Merry Go Round” is the first single from the album and is a beautifully crafted piece of Psychedelic Prog Pop, release date September 1st, 2023.

Whimsical, hypnotic and insistent, “Merry Go Round” is an anthem for mid life crises everywhere, exploring lost love, the passing of time, trauma, and the feeling of being caught helplessly on the carousel of life.

Merry Go Round” was recorded at Foster’s home studio in London, and mixed in London and Cornwall. Listeners will spot influences from Marillion, Phish, Tears for Fears and 70’s Classic and Progressive music.

Daidrum Bio:

From 2021’s formative debut album, “The Wild Winds Coldy Blow,” until the new album due later this year Foster has clearly evolved as a songwriter, musician and producer. Foster’s chosen artist name Daidrum comes from an old nickname, gained whe he was a drummer in Welsh Rock band Eight Miles High, during the late 1980s, Dai being Welsh for David. Since then he has played in numerous bands as diverse as Death Metal band Lord of Darkness, and Hertfordshire based National Funk Service.

However lockdown 2020 gave him the opportunity to spend more time writing and recording and the result was debut album, “The Wild Winds Coldly Blow” released in 2021.

Foster is planning on releasing his follow up album in Q1 2024, entitled “All At Sea.” Like it’s predecessor the album will feature elements of Prog, Pop, Folk and Rock and reflects Foster’s diverse experience as a musician

Above all I want to write good songs, songs that tell stories and music that is beautiful, accessible, and thought provoking” says Foster of his creative process. “I converted my double garage into a recording studio, which is where I write and record all Daidrum’s music

Live work is a possibility but not yet scheduled. As Foster says: “Finding and paying musicians to perform the songs on the scale and ambition of the arrangements on the album is proving challenging on my current streaming revenues, however if you live in North London, I may turn up in your local pub with my guitar!

Merry Go Round” is the lead single from the album “All At Sea,” slated for release early next year. The album focuses on growing old, as Foster approaches his 60th birthday, community, the challenges of parenthood, family roots and loss. The central theme of the album is that we are figuratively “All At Sea” for much of our lives. However “Merry Go Round” shows an artist forging ahead with a distinctive and unique vision.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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