[News] Desert Psych, Garage, Southern Stoner & Surf Rock Fest “Fuzzstock Fourever” returns on 9/9 to Atlanta

Fuzzstock Fourever” on Saturday 9/9 will be our biggest event yet! It’s a Desert Psych, Garage, Southern Stoner & Surf Rock Fest presented by A Rippin Production, The Fuzz Firm & Pipe Dream PR at Boggs Social & Supply. Many of the bands have confirmed they are releasing new singles for the show, and it will be a send off for MammaBear’s UK Round 2 Tour. All chosen family.

The Bands:

  1. The Buzzards of Fuzz
  2. Black Cat Rising (New Single Release & 7″)
  3. The Pinx
  4. MammaBear (UK Round 2 Send off/ Abbey Road Music Video Single Release)
  5. TurboGatto (Columbia, SC)
  6. The Mystery Men?
  7. Rae & The Ragdolls
  8. Gas Hound (Single Release, 2nd Book Release)
  9. Vikki Vaden, Radio Host of WFMU’s The Fringe Factory, as our DJ.

Night time Sales Booth Vendors will also be included – Koh Modern, Boho Lama Peruvian Imports, Jessica Locklear Art, Involvement with the Atlanta Mushroom Market, Dakoda Vintage Goods, and more.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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