[News] DLGZ published the live session for the single “All Those Witches” taken from upcoming album

Lille, France based Progressive/Krautrock band DLGZ published the live session for the single “All Those Witches” taken from upcoming album “Setbacks & Reversals” due out November 17, 2023 via Do It Youssef, Araki Records and Pied De Biche labels. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

While Bunker Up” stood out for its infectious Indie/Math Rock punch, counterbalanced by fascinating sonic Experiments, the atmosphere is completely different on “All Those Witches.” Despite the frenzy of the drums played wish brushes, DLGZ take their time here, with a more contemplative, even introspective piece, lulled by the voice of Stephan Hayes, and the ghostly choirs which accompany him. David Lamblin (guitar) presents it in more detail:

“‘All Those Witches’ is a bittersweet song, easy to listen to at first but full of rough edges. It begins as a lament with extended notes and false key changes, crossed by the rhodes in 5/8 . The text is about a romantic relationship which collapses. The piece then evolves towards a slightly unstable bridge with its fanfare and chanted choruses, like a hymn about the remorse and regrets that we drag behind us. This part introduces the strange final chord structure, whose surfing and triumphant side seems undermined by hesitations between major and minor, consonant and dissonant. The piece tries to combine disillusioned irony and assumed lyricism, in the manner of the early Pixies or Ennio Morricone for example, who are part of our models.”

Notice to fans of Squid and Tortoise for this new single, always at the top of experimentation and indie sensitivity. DLGZ delivers it in a studio version, available on your favorite streaming platform or on Bandcamp, but also in a new live session, during which the band performs it in the privacy of an empty office with unpainted walls.

Pre-Order the album on Bandcamp: https://dlgz.bandcamp.com/album/setbacks-reversals


01. Quasicrystal
02. Bunker Up
03. All Those Witches
04. Words Come Out All Wrong
05. Where And When
06. Carnival Masks & Ego
07. Worn Out Lies
08. The Stomach For It
09. First We’ll Drink To Good Times
10. Worms, They Come Out All Right


Fred L’Homme
Philippe Delgrange
David Lamblin
Stephan Hayes
Marc Bour

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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