[News] Domkraft unveil the first single  “Slowburner” taken from their upcoming new album

Swedish Psychedelic/Kraut/Doom Metal band Domkraft unveil the first single “Slowburner” taken from their upcoming new album “Sonic Moons” set to release on September 8, 2023 via Magnetic Eye Records. Stream the track through the YouTube player below:

On their fourth album, “Sonic Moons,” Sweden’s Domkraft set forth on a voyage into the inner cosmos, riding their Fuzz-driven, Psychedelic riff-Doom through the galactic Psyche and into alternate metaphysical realities, all in search of escape, respite, and release. Domkraft generally stay true to their musical course on the new effort, but the Nordic trio has audibly matured and sharpened their writing as well. The trademark towering doom anthems remain, but with an ever so slight shift toward Heavy Rock through small tweaks and nuances. Domkraft formed when singer and bassist Martin Wegeland, guitarist Martin Widholm, and drummer Anders Dahlgren bonded over a mutual love of bands such as Spaceman 3, Monster Magnet, Sleep, and Hawkwind. Drawing from the heaviest of their combined influences, they crafted a sound that blends towering dirges, mind-bending Psychedelia, and hypnotic minimalism, as embodied by Domkraft‘s monolithic 2016 debut album “The End of Electricity,” the crushing 2018 follow-up “Flood,” and their acclaimed and massively amplified third full-length “Seeds” (2021). With “Sonic Moons,” Domkraft blast through the escape hatch to the emotionally charged inner spaces of the mind, soaring through fantastic new solar systems toward unexplored musical planets. Now is the perfect time to embark on the intergalactic journey with them!

Pre-Order and Pre-Save the album here: http://lnk.spkr.media/sonic-moons

Pre-Order the album on Bandcamp: https://domkraft.bandcamp.com/album/sonic-moons

01. Whispers
02. Stellar Winds
03. Magnetism
04. Slowburner 05:20
05. Downpour
06. Black Moon Rising
07. The Big Chill

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

1 thought on “[News] Domkraft unveil the first single  “Slowburner” taken from their upcoming new album

  1. Domkraft have yet again dazzled us with a very professional and doom riddled album.
    The sludginess has a overtone of harder rock but still letting the cry and moan of the immense guitar cutting through in a never ending bleak landscape of doom.
    Domkraft have spoiled us with their mystical and galactic riffs until we beg for mercy, now they have added another amp to that sound with their new album, Respect.

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